The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

I'm about to go out on a bike ride from the office (yes, the shadeless route with a bazillion stoplights), partly to avoid the later heat and partly to wake myself up.

I got up early for a 90-minute business meeting, and struggled to stay awake through it. Even with a huge crowd, you're still too conspicuous to, say, smack yourself repeatedly in the face to keep from nodding off. And going back to your cubicle to nap under your desk is equally unacceptable- people tend to find that alarming. ;)

So I'll take some aspirin for the stabbing behind my eyes and head out. Let's hope it does the trick.

Last week, I found myself re-reading one of my stories and being oddly pleased with how it turned out. It was the retelling of "Croatoan" from Sarge's perspective, and I really enjoyed getting inside that character and creating a backstory for him that made sense with canon, as well as deepening him a little AND telling canon "sideways." The story is Even Eden Fell, and it's one that I started for a community challenge and then couldn't get to finish. I came back to it a year later and found a way to work through to the ending (I honestly changed very little from the first time around). Looking at the final result, I'm still glad I did. You were more than worth it, Sarge, and I love it when the show's secondary characters are that interesting.

In other news, I finally see daylight ahead on the first of my two Sweet Charity stories, and I'm looking forward to finishing THAT one and starting on the next. It's been a rough road this year, much moreso than I expected, and the fact that I'm still getting the writing out (sometimes at a trickle) is a small victory in itself. Though things like today's obscure comment fic offering won't earn me accolades or readers, but still... sometimes you just have to do it anyway. ;)

As for the coming weekends, not this weekend but next (Labor Day), I have GOT to get a new pair of running shoes. The cushion has been absent from my current pair for about a year, and strategic tearing in the meshy fabric parts means that I cannot risk washing this pair to get out the dirt from those runs at Tryon Creek. There might not be enough "shoe" left to work with if I did! So I'll go to Fleet Feet and get the salesdroid to help me find a new pair of Oasics with pronation control, and I'll have at least a year of "fluffier" running.

Tags: cycling, me, my_fic, running

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