The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Carpal-Tunnel Thumb

Sounds like a line from a Gregory Corso poem, doesn't it?

My left thumb has been bothering me since the first bike ride I took post-vacation. I think I leaned too hard on the handlebar "horn" and stretched the joint out over that ride (when you take a break from cycling, those triceps are the first thing to go and your arms get weak). I thought it was getting better last week (when I biked twice), but this week I've gone three times and clearly it is NOT better. I've had nerve-pain in the left hand before from biking, but this is a new.

Still stressed over needing to sell that Vancouver SPN Con ticket, OR book the travel. The expense and suckage of travel from here to Vancouver are part of why I put that off to begin with, and now that I'd rather sell the ticket I'm confronted with it again. I see that there are non-stop flights from LAX to Vancouver-- the CW alone must populate at least one daily flight-exchange. :0

In other news, we finished up several TV series and watched a movie over the last week. We loved Tin Man, and several of you wondered how we'd feel about the ending. I was watching the last part, thinking, So far, so good right up until the sudden roll of the credits. What?!? It was an ending, but the pace was wrong. The story needed some "dwelling time" and possibly some closure with DG's traveling companions.

The final season of The Shield was as good as ever, and I loved how each of the stories closed for Vic, Claudette and Dutch. Such good writing and such great acting throughout. I particularly love CCH Pounder's work (she caught my eye in "Bagdad Cafe," and I was thrilled to see her show up in Millenium), as well as the contrast in the interrogation styles she and Dutch use. They make such a great team-- he manipulates the perp into a corner slowly and unthreateningly (the perps are later surprised at what they've given away), and Claudette persuades and soothes, ready to pull out the iron-fist-in-a-velvet-glove technique if the perp doesn't succumb to her first approach. I loved the friendship between the two of them, loved Claudette's unwavering competence at increasing challenges and responsibility, loved that Dutch's cluelessness about dating had nothing to do with his incredible capabilities as a detective (I loved that the show allowed him to be both those things at once). And Vic... slipping into so many shades of gray over the years with wanting to do larger good with corrupt methods until his soul was nothing but ash, yet still loving his kids to the end. *sniffle* Damn, I'll miss this show.

We finished Season Two of Doc Martin, and apparently there are at least two more seasons. Not available via Netflix yet, though. :( It's a fun show, both because of the village "characters" and the impossibly stuffy, dismissive and unbending doctor himself. Looking forward to more!

Also saw 17 Again, which I'd had Netflix send for Lauren's slumber party but was forced to hide after discovering it was PG-13 (and why). :0 It was fun, and Zac Efron was wonderful in it. I do pity him growing up to become the going-to-seed Matthew Perry in the end. However, the rich nerd-best-friend who gets co-opted into playing the character's "Dad"? All of the scenes with the two of them together were consistently the best parts of the movie for me. :)

Oops, almost forgot - genius web ad for "Certified Pre-Owned Cats!" :D

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