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It's All Survival Mode These Days...

I've got a break between birthdays to make a regular post, so I'm updating on last weekend's solo-camping trip.

Obviously, I survived. I didn't kill the kids, though Christopher got sent to the creek a LOT because he would not stop pestering Lauren. And there was more fighting than I would have liked, though some unexpected sweetness too (toward me, not each other).

We got the tent up Friday night without much difficulty, other than the kids being shorter than HalfshellHusband, but I do most of the work anyway. The people with the popup tent-trailer at the neighboring campsite gaped at us like a zoo exhibit, but whatever. *eye roll*

Friday night was cold, even with lots of layers and a stocking cap and dragging my coat over my head to create a pocket of warmth. It's usually not that cold up there until September-October.

Caveat: I'm not sure I've ever camped anywhere that wasn't at altitude. I have no idea what that would be like! My experience is with the Central Cascades, the Northern Sierra Nevada and (once) The Uintas. The usual camp elevation is a minimum of 5000-6000 feet, where it's hot during the day and coooold at night.

We hiked 6 miles on Saturday, on my favorite route. Lauren fell behind a lot before lunch, but she made it the whole way (lots of groaning, though). Christopher was unfazed, and loved the scenery (lots of lakes on that hike - Little Bear Lake is especially glassy and beautiful). We returned to the campsite around 2pm, and discovered what goes on midday when everyone's away: chipmunks and golden-mantled ground squirrels run around on the camp picnic tables looking for treats! Damn, but they're cute. Christopher tried out the swimming hole in the river, but it was shaded by then and the ambient temperature too cold. Later, we played whackball in a fairly wide spot that wouldn't lose foul-balls or major hits too easily. Whackball, invented by HSH, is played with a collapsed hiking stick and a small nerf football. This controls the distance, and makes the game more unpredictable. ;)

Saturday night we wound up eating at the expensive place with the trout pond again because the places we were aiming for were both closed. The food was good, though, except for the ice cream (Christopher said it tasted like laundry detergent, and it did). We made s'mores, then put the fire out and waited for dark to look at the stars. Gorgeous.

Sunday morning's takedown of the tent was verrry slow. It's an excruciating task anyway, but we must have come during a different month last summer (where the morning sun falls in a different place). Sunday, the whole tent was in the shadows (that's new), the rainfly was soaked, and the underside of the tent was a little muddy. What a mess. Plus, I didn't roll it tightly enough to cram back into its microbox (as if anyone will EVER take a tent this size backpacking). I've been planning to re-roll this week after a bike ride, but both biking days have been 100-degrees. Suckage!

One last hike, lunch by a beautiful waterfall (the kids waded around and skipped rocks), then we set off back home again. It was over too soon, and I'd stay another day if the place had showers, but I can only take the unwashed hair for so long.

After I got back, I talked to the coworker who had borrowed another coworker's popup tent-trailer to camp at Tahoe. He says the popup tent has a heater, which makes me even more envious!

HalfshellHusband missed us all, and we him, though he was much better by Saturday afternoon and the vomiting backed off to just nausea. Thank goodness!

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