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Supernatural Fanfiction: "Turning Point" Drabbles

Title: The End Is the Beginning Is The End
Author: HalfshellVenus
Category: Sam & Dean (Gen, Drabbles)
Rating: PG
Summary: 4x100 drabbles on various turning points in the lives of the Winchesters.
Author’s Notes: Written for the supernatural100 Drabbles “Turning Points” challenge.


Vengeance (John’s POV: Pilot)

Mary isn’t there, and the baby’s still crying. Leaning over, he sees drops on Sammy’s forehead.

Blood. How? Another drop, and he looks up.

No. No! This can’t be happening. These things don’t happen to ordinary people-- only in movies

It’s a dream-- has to be. But don’t let Dean see.

He grabs Sammy, runs out to shove him in Dean’s arms and send them outside.

Then he goes back in.

She’s still there. Destroyed.

His heart is heavy, and his shoulders feel the weight of a twenty-pound kit being humped through the jungle.

Time to become a soldier again.

Nightmares Become Flesh (Sam’s POV: Pilot)

Black road white dress. Blue-shimmer-skin in darkness.

Kissing, pressing panic. Vanish. Appear. Car house crash.


Dean. Waiting ghost children. Destruction revenge sorrow. Home.


Sticky. Wet-sticky. Battered, tired, STOP sticky-drip.


Tired. Tired. Just—What? Jess! No! No no no no—Jess gash flames. Flames! Who—Dean. Run!

He is hustled out of the house for the second time in his life, and it’s gone. Every hope/denial/fantasy is dead.

But it was over, more than twenty years ago.

Despite everything he’s seen and battled, the truth is worse.

Forgetting doesn’t end it.

Dad was right.

The Warrior Path (Dean’s POV: Faith)

So much evil. So much pain. So many times they lost a few more victims to the battle.

He’s not sure why he dragged himself from that hospital bed, except that while dying was acceptable, dying alone was not.

When Roy chose him, he marked himself as a charlatan.

But then he healed him. The impossible had happened. And when Dean talked to him, it was clear that Roy—with his all-seeing heart—was the real deal.

Roy chose him because God chose him, because he still has work to do.

It does matter. And he embraces that burden again.

Escaping Orbit (Dean’s POV: Shadows)

He spent his life protecting Sam. First, from the knowledge of Evil; later, with the skill of fighting it.

Sam wavered at the edges of their mission, but surely time would help him see this life chose them.

He waited through the fighting, the rebellion and running off. He waited for Sam to return to them. He forced it when Sam didn’t.

Sam is here by hook and crook, but reluctance colors every conversation. Dean can see him searching for the exit.

He didn’t know that when Sam went to college… that would be the end of his family forever.

-------- fin ---------

Tags: drabbles, sn_gen
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