The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Back, in body if not in spirit...

As you might have noticed, I wasn't as "gone" as I expected over my vacation. I was able to leech someone's wireless at my Dad's house, and my sister has wireless in Portland, so I kept up with the birthday-fic postings and my f-list pretty well. That's a first!

We drove home Sunday (originally planned to come home today), not as relaxed or well-rested as we'd hoped, unfortunately. HalfshellHusband did well over our trip, and had enough energy to do most of what he wanted to in small bursts (with naps). But the trip was colored by his mother going into the hospital again for mild pneumonia, and my Dad finding out he has a lung tumor. *headdesk* By comparison, the flailing on Thursday night over discovering that one of the cats was locked in the garage (and no-one in Sacramento had a key), during a stint of 105o heat was minor. *sigh*

My MIL's pneumonia is actually a big deal. Her lung function has been dropping since her last bout with it in January, and with her emphysema and the cumulative damage from the pneumonia, she's on the road to the end. It may not be this week or this month, but she probably doesn't have a year left at this point, and she was very tired in general before the illness. She can't get enough oxygen anymore (even constantly plugged in to the cannister) to have the energy to do much. She has to budget her "excursions" and even her visitors, and it's all just worrisome and sad. Not for her, I think-- she's ready, and she's had a good life-- but for her children and grandchildren. I know HSH was relieved to be home and able to visit her today, because he was terribly afraid she might die without warning while we were away. I hate where this is leading. I know she's 88, but it still seems too soon. :(

I can hardly absorb what to think about my Dad's tumor, with everything else that's going on. It seems to be near the "side" of the lung, and I believe the current plan is to remove that part of the lung and stitch things up, and possibly start chemo. I really hope the chemo isn't necessary (Dad's 83), but there's probably no way to know yet.

Both my M-I-L and my Dad were smokers, and even though they quit many years ago... neither of them escaped the "final judgment" from it. Those of you who smoke, please, please quit. You won't want either of these things in your future, and your friends and family don't want it for you either!

Shifting onto the happy: high points of the vacation included two trips to the Lively Swim Center for the kids, Monster Cookies (probably too many, but I LOVE them and can only get them in the Eugene area!), visits with the Portland sisters who couldn't get down to Eugene at Xmas, my two nieces (who are sweeter and prettier than ever), my younger sister's now-boyfriend (we'd just met him a year ago, but things are wonderfully solid now), Oaks Park, the Portland Zoo, Saturday Market (Portland), Powell's Books, the new Harry Potter movie, and several runs at Tryon Creek.

The only exercise day I missed was the Sunday we drove back, and my feet held up well for the running/walking/etc. Thank goodness my sister still has that elliptical trainer, AND this time I didn't make the mistake of blowing out my quads on the downhills the first day, so the running was better.

I borrowed Wicked: The Life And Times Of The Wicked Witch Of The West from my niece, and what a fantastic book that was. The AU approach to canon, and then where it joins up near the end of the story, made me think of fanfic for obvious reasons. So many interesting ideas and tricks used in the telling of that story. Too adult for our kids, though. :0

So now I'm trying to get settled into being back home and at work again (boo), still working on the combined Sam/Dean story I'm writing for esorlehcar and deirdre_c, hoping to god that Nerds On Call can retrieve my data off the other PC that crashed about a month ago. The one with all the kid pictures on it! *sniff*

Were you good while I was gone?

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