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Update On HalfshellHusband

We got the biopsy results for HalfshellHusband's leg late last week, and he saw an oncologist yesterday afternoon for the more detailed diagnosis and treatment.

He has lymphoma, a very rare type of it, and the oncologist says that it's highly curable. Given that it's cancer, that last part is the only thing that makes either of us feel better.

They'll treat it with chemo, beginning this Friday. Because this cancer is SO rare and usually starts someplace else, HSH will have a PET scan soon (for the head/brain). That scares me no end. They've ruled out the lungs as a primary cancer source, and I'd be terrified if there were still some hidden primary site, especially the brain. Given the severity of HSH's depression in the last 2 1/2 years (which forced him to have ECT), I've got all sorts of worries randomly floating around. The problem could just be that his depression was always misdiagnosed, as his doctor began thinking 3 years back, and that he was always bipolar with a low-normal range (so his antidepressants were never really helping him-- he was just cycling naturally). Or it could be something else. I sure hope not.

On the plus side, once chemo begins, the pain in his leg could actually decrease. It's been creeping up over the months (along with the swelling), and he hasn't been sleeping well. Lowering the pain would be wonderful.

Thanks to all of you for your concern and support over the last few months. I'm disabling comments because I won't have the energy to answer them, but I know you're thinking them. ♥

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