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06 July 2009 @ 07:34 pm
What I Wrote In June  
I got a chance to break out the WeeChester icon this past weekend that I love so much (it's been awhile!), but no WeeChesters last month. Lots of drabbles, some Prison Break, and some random-fandom stuff. Your birthdays sure kept me busy!

And I discovered that people hate SPN's Gordon SO much that they won't even read a drabble about him. :0

Supernatural Gen:
Hard Lines (Gordon, S3, PG) : His job is to act, not to understand.

Supernatural Slash:
Surrendering To The Heat (Sam/Dean, PG-13) for deadbeat_nymph's birthday: Sam and Dean at a lake on a hot day, as requested. ;)
Illumination (Sam/Dean, PG-13) for _sin_attract's birthday: Time alters the eye of the beholder…
Liquid And Lazy (Sam/Dean, PG-13) for trinipedia's birthday: It's not the destination, it's the journey…

Prison Break Gen/Other:
Fate Trapped Inside The Cycles Of The Sun (Michael, PG, S3) for wrldpossibility's birthday: Every day counts, as Michael battles a timeline that’s running out far too fast.
Schematics For Survival (Michael & Lincoln, PG) for tuesdaeschild's birthday: Pre-series through S1, it used to be something to cope with. Who knew that it was destined to become important?

Prison Break Slash:
Heroes At Last Of Our Own Legends (Michael, one-sided light M/L, PG) for ethereal_flaim's birthday: Pre-series through S1, all those failed hopes through the years have never kept Michael from dreaming his own version of the future.

Jensen/Jared RPS Drabble - The Eye Of The Camera for destina's birthday: Photographs don’t lie…
Terminator:SCC - The Ghost In The Machine (Derek/Cameron, PG-13) for miss_mandy's birthday: A lifetime ago, she and Derek used to be something more.
Terminator:SCC - The World Is Burning (Sarah, Ellison, PG, S2 Finale) : So much has been invested in a future she'll never see…