The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Quick fly-by...

Just passing through to wish a very happy birthday to tuesdaeschild,  whom I know is probably already in the day after in her time zone. I hope it was lovely, and I'll eventually have a ficlet present for you, though it might take awhile! I've got a backlog, and someone else's deadline to get thorugh first!

We went to the Bay Area for a birthday party on Saturday, then stayed overnight at my husband's sister's house. The kids will remain there until Wednesday, but HSH and I came back Sunday after a really nice Father's Day brunch and drive along the coast with both families.

Right now, I'm cranking hard on getting Jas' Big Bang all betaed before its posting date on Wednesday - hence the fic backlog, and the lack of time to do anything else. I got more beta work done than work-work today, though I managed to squeeze in a bike ride and was awarded with my first bee-sting of the year.

I'll be in and out this week. Wednesday, I drive HSH to the Oakland Kaiser for a needle biopsy, and we'll meet up with his sister afterward and bring the kids home. Then on Friday, Lauren goes away to Girl Scout camp, which means that I have to help her pack. I sure hope she's misreading the pamphlet and doesn't have to bring her own tent this year. I can envision her getting a tent up, with some help from counselors and other campers, but I don't see all of the various pieces making it back home again. :0

Tags: me, my_kids

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