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It's oddly cold here today. We've been having thunderstorms all week and rain off and on, but it's been up around 80o most of the time. Today, the house is cold (I'm working at home).

Lauren graduates from 6th grade this morning (see above). She's been working herself into a snit over the graduation dress code since November, and is wearing a dress today and does NOT have her hair in those messy, lank braids. She looks very nice, and acts like it's going to kill her. Funny to compare this with how femmy she was from about age 2-5. I miss the days when she wore pretty clothes!

Also, I am SERIOUSLY looking forward to her getting a haircut. She's been growing her hair out for Locks of Love since about August, and wants it to still be long enough for her dreaded braids once it's cut. So it's ridiculously long now, and it's always in those braids because it gets too tangled if it's loose. Somewhere in the next month, it'll be back in the "normal" range again.

HSH and I finished S2 of Burn Notice on Wednesday (thanks, Torrent!). LOVE that show. And Victor just killed me. He's cracktastic, really.

We settled in to watch the first few episodes of S7 of The Shield last night, and apparently I've been waiting on the wrong season all this time. Looks like we only finished S5, because none of the 'previouslies' for the S7 opener looked familiar. :0

So instead, we watched Reaper, 2x05, which HSH missed back when it aired. Demon Tony! Cute probably-not-evil baby! Zombie Dad! SO much 'win' in that episode. Then we watched Supernatural, 4x08, which HSH has been wanting to see forever since he fell asleep the first time despite the giant Teddy Bear and terrorist-level Todd. He loved the "crack" elements of the episode, and agreed with everyone else about the storyline completely failing to address the utter wrongness of Hope's being prostituted for Wes. At the end, Wes still didn't think he'd done anything truly bad, and the whole episode focused on what he wanted and "wishes going sour" rather than "Hey-- you've hijacked this woman's entire life for your own selfish desires, not to mention the sex that she NEVER would have willingly had with you."

I might still be a little bitter about that. It's why she was the closing character in that "Other Voices, Other Rooms" drabble set I wrote on minor characters.

HSH was able to move up his CT scan to this afternoon, though we won't hear anything until next week, obviously.

Meanwhile... I'm thinking I should take a shot at either CrackFic or Wee-Chesters for SPN this weekend. I haven't written much of the latter since that Xmas episode reveal-o-doom on John's character back in S3. It really soured me, somehow.

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