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What I Wrote In May

Some help from the Drabble Meme and May birthdays, and some non-help from chipping away at Sweet Charity efforts. Most of the "usual suspects" below (lots of Sam/Dean this month), with a few of the more regular "Other" fandoms and one totally unplanned story written for comment_fic.

Supernatural Gen:
All Absolution (PG) Gen or Slash drabble Coda to 4x22 - Choosing each other was what remained.
The Last Straw (PG) Sam&Dean Gen Schmoop drabble, post-3x04 - Some days, even Sam runs out of patience…

Supernatural Slash:
Slow Ride (To Break You In) (Sam/Dean, NC-17, First-Time, Smut) - Sam overcomes Dean's hesitations about the two of them, and about trying something completely new.
Hanging On The Hope Of When (PG-13) (4x22 Coda, first-time) - Dean used to think Sam knew...

In Earthly Limbo (PG-13) (4x01 "Lazurus Rising" Coda drabble) - Dean is back, though it doesn't seem real quite yet.
In Vino Veritas (PG-13) (All-dialogue First-Time drabble) - Alcohol-aided impulses lead to a deeper truth.
The View From A Thousand Miles Away (PG-13) (drabble, one-sided) - Dean never knew Sam did that, never knew he liked it.
The Future Can Wait (PG-13) (4x22 Coda, Sam/Dean first-time drabble) - Understanding, apologies, and a moment to breathe…
On Edge (PG-13) (pre-series, slightly underage) - They count on Dad traveling, but sometimes he stays home for weeks on end.

Prison Break Slash:
Hands-On Exhibits (PG-13) Michael/Lincoln drabble on "Museum."

Jensen/Jared RPS: Got A Date With My Pillow (PG-13) - Drabble on "Jetlag."
Iron Man Slash: The Principle Of Parabolic Persuasion (PG-13) (Tony/Rhodey) - Sometimes the world can wait…
Kingdom Of Heaven Slash: Of Desert Desires And Lost Oases (PG) (Balian/Nasir, one-sided) - Lying under the stars each night, Balian was plagued by questions without answers…

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