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Not a terribly productive weekend...

I started a drabble for particlesofgale's birthday ficlet, and trying to expand it has dragged on so that it still isn't done! Not much on the Sweet Charity fic this weekend either, though it's a dialogue-heavy beast and lots of fun so far.

My parents came on Sunday, and we had a good visit. This consisted, as usual, of being trapped at the kitchen table for the entire day, which always makes me a little nuts. Got a little yardwork done while talking to my mother and listened to Christopher and two friends verge on hooliganism with water balloons and squirt guns.

We'd hoped to get together with another family today, but they were tied up, so I took Lauren out to look for swimsuits and went biking. The swimsuit trip was pure failure-- she's too tall for the girl's sizes, and the older sizes are too sexy or too matronly, and all require a bosom that has not yet arrived. I now understand why her best friend wore a basic black speedo-type-thing to Lauren's B.D. party almost a year ago (she was about Lauren's height then). As for the biking... had to fix a flat beforehand (thanks to another staple, courtesy of my bike-commute!), and then change the tire again 2.5 miles in. The rear tire, of course, and I HATE the heavy bead on thisi particular set of tires-- they're really hard to work with. HSH bought them. :(

Saturday night we had a date, and saw Star Trek, which was indeed marvelous.

Making this a prequel to the original series, and something of an AU, really worked well. I was very nervous about recasting the roles, especially if the point was just to restart the franchise. This was different.

I really liked the new Kirk and McCoy (who was actually good-looking, and what cute lips!). Chekhov was adorable (his little face!), the other roles okay. Uhura was fine, and the character strong, but she lacked the sex appeal and the marvelous voice of the original. Nichelle Nichols had allure, and made that role more than it should have been. Not so here. For Sulu... I'm bothered that a non-Japanese actor was cast for the part. Call me petty, but it bugs me-- John Cho looks no more Japanese than I do, and haven't we moved beyond the "interchangeable Asian" concept?

Loved the Mr. Scott, though this one was rather loopy compared to the original. Much funnier, not always intentionally.

I was really jazzed at the choice for the captain of the U.S.S. Kelvin. Faran Tahir played a villain in Iron Man, but with such presence and charisma (and looks) that I'd hoped to see him again. Not a lot of screentime here, but he carried it well.

Unlike most people, I'm fairly "meh" on Zachary Quinto as Spock. The young Leonard Nimoy did so much with that role, with the emotion under the muted surface, that it's just hard to accept anyone else doing it. Moreover, he had a saturnine sex-appeal that had housewives tingling across the country. Quinto's acting as Spock is fine, but his appearance is SO bland. He's like a baby-faced blob with the eyebrow/hair/ear accessories tacked on. He doesn't have the physical appeal as Spock, and the casting just feels flat to me in that regard.

The story was fun-- loved McCoy repeatedly attacking Kirk with the neck-hypo and Kirk getting more and more irritated by it (those things were always SO unnatural, and they should have hurt). Loved Mr. Scott's gulag and the accompanying alien. Loved Chekhov altogether. Loved that Sulu's hand-to-hand combat experience at fencing proved serendipitous. Loved Kirk's persistence, bordering on idiocy at times, but always there when needed.

Definitely worth seeing, and I was a skeptic!

After we got home, we plugged in our Netflix movie, which was Charlie Bartlett. I recognized Anton Yelchin as the name of the Chekhov actor, and was surprised to discover that he was the movie's lead. Talk about coincidences! The movie has rather sweet undertones despite the flippant start, and was a nice surprise in general. Plus, Robert Downey Jr. is in it, looking fantastic.

Later, I may or may not have been surfing the net for boykissing videos and stumbled across something called Star Trek: Phase 2, which looks to be a fan-project continuing the "Original Series" episodes. One of them has a gay subplot (that's the one I tripped over). Some of the acting is borderline, some of the casting not at all bad. The attention to set detail, story layout, camera angles, and use of the original series' music is all terrific, though. Someone clearly paid a lot of attention to the original show. ;)

And now? Back to the fics, and then off to bed!

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