The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Because I am random, bored, and have weekend-itis already...

I am SO glad that last night's dream about large parts of the Far East and Africa being on fire was not true. And that HalfshellHusband has not gone back to work for his first boss (who was miserable and required workaholism). AND that I did not get into a bunch of baked-goods (Xmas and otherwise). I've been struggling with sugar again the last 3 weeks; thank goodness this only happens 3 weeks out of 17 instead of 2-3 weeks out of 4 now. I love the longer pill cycle!

Bumped from this afternoon for more TV randomness:

Finally saw this past week's The Mentalist. I saved the DVD so I could rewatch the scene with wet!Rigsby in navy boxers-- holy moly. I had no idea all that was hiding under those business suits. G.U.H. Sometimes my ancestral land tosses out a hunk after all! As to the story itself, the exchange that stuck in my memory was: "Liar." "What?" "Pants on fire!" Sometimes Jane's inappropriateness really cracks me up.

During last night's My Name Is Earl, HalfshellHusband wanted to know who was playing "Little Chubby." Couldn't tell anything from looking, but it sounded just like the Scrubs Janitor. The guy didn't seem tall enough, but his face (under the fake hair and mustache) was in the ballpark, and the voice was SO familiar. Not the same actor, as it turns out, but now I want to know WHY he sounded so much like Neil Flynn. It's kind of bugging me. :0

Who among you is going to the Vancouver SPN Con, aside from [info]brigid_tanner, [info]_sin_attract_, [info]frostian and [info]particlesofgale? And how can I browbeat Barb and Deirdre into going? *ponders*

Tags: me, tv, weird dreams fall out of my head
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