The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The Universe Is Ending... Or The Television Season, Anyway

Last night's Fringe was full of interesting revelations and little pieces of angst. Oh Walter and Peter, what a bizarre and bittersweet relationship you have! Walter is the part of the show that really hooks me (the "out-there" humor alone is all I need-- "I've always WANTED a two-headed goat!"). I adore Olivia, though: strong, sensitive, kind, and capable but no superwoman (she's had some knockdown-dragouts with baddies and other agents, and she doesn't always win).

I really enjoyed Monday's House finale, though I know some on my f-list did not. It was a fascinating episode, despite making me think of "Angel" and Lindsay's comments about the Evil Hand making him "do things." I like very much how the "revelation moments" in the story unfolded, though I kind of wanted to kick House himself for the zillionth time.

Last night's Reaper was funny, and I'm really enjoying this season. Sam's assignments from the Devil are branching out a little (leading to wonderful misunderstandings and misadventures). Can't believe the happenings in last week's episode! Wow. Finale is next week, which is entirely too soon. :(

On the not-TV news, I have a book review to write for Amazon VINEs that is at least a week overdue. I've got more fic-writing, and also a sewing project I need to finish for tomorrow's bike-commute attempt.

Yes, you read that correctly. I printed out maps yesterday, I marked various routes (most of the "to work" and "from work" possibilities vary slightly, thanks to dangerous spots/turns in one direction but not the other). But I need a handlebar bag for my lunch and stuff (can't get a rack on the back-- it interferes with my rear water-bottle cage). I bought a great lunchbag that I hope to add straps/support on so I can mount it on the handlebars. That's the sewing project. If that doesn't work, then the girly basket I bought at Rite Aid will do. Basically, I don't want to spend money on a "real" commuter bag when I'm not sure I'll be doing this consistently. Last year I rode on my trial day, and that was it! Wish me luck. :0

I'm testing out x-posting this from Dreamwidth. So far, the layout style there drives me nuts. Everything overlaps or disappears, so I can't do tags until afterward. Right now, half the text is under display windows. :(

Tags: cycling, tv

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