The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Drabble Meme finally completed!

Here's what I wrote for everyone as part of the Drabble Meme. A few stories escaped the drabble length, but I doubt anyone minds that. Just takes a little longer to write!

Though only one person has read the Iron Man one. *sadness* Tony/Rhodey fans, where are you?

Supernatural Gen:
Diabolical Conversations (PG-13) - SPN/Reaper Xover, with Azazel and the Reaper-Devil discussing their respective Sams. (for astrothsknot)
To All Excess (PG) - The early S3 lifestyle takes its toll on Dean. (for tsuki_no_bara)

Supernatural Slash:
In Vino Veritas (Sam/Dean, PG-13) - Alcohol-aided first-time, all-dialogue. (for dreamlittleyo)
In Earthly Limbo (Sam/Dean, PG-13) - 4x01 coda: Dean is back, though it doesn't seem real just yet. (for deadbeat_nymph)
The View From A Thousand Miles Away (PG-13, One-Sided) - Dean never knew Sam did that, never knew he liked it. (for brynydd)

Other Fandoms:
Haunted (Terminator: SCC, Derek/Cameron-ish, PG) - When he looks at her, he sees a ghost. (for miss_mandy)
Old-School Pwnage (Die Hard 4, John/Matt, PG-13) - Old-fashioned fun has its advantages. (for huntress69)
Got A Date With My Pillow (Jared/Jensen RPS, PG-13) - The boys cope with jetlag. (for misstyxx)
Hands-On Exhibits (Prison Break Michael/Lincoln, PG-13) - Michael, Lincoln, and a museum. (for clair_de_lune)
The Principle of Parabolic Persuasion (Iron Man, Tony/Rhodey Slash, PG-13) - An afternoon where the boys don't have to save the world, for a change. (for tyrical)

Tags: meme, my_fic
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