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Dear LJ: This weekend I...

First, a note to those on my f-list who are fen of color and would like to stand up and be counted (and perhaps discover others with whom you have more than fandom in common). Role-call is being taken here. Make your voices heard!

On Saturday, I biked some of my potential bike commute (my side of the freeway) to see how doable (and easy to locate) it was. Not too bad heading away from the house-- it'll be worse on a weekday, with the 3 schools in session (including the community college) and rush-hour traffic. The route back is the shortest path, but I don't think I can do that in rush-hour. There's a 3-way stop that is incredibly busy, where I'd need to make a left turn. I'll have to detour around that. That community college and a big park are in the middle of the route, so one of the main streets stops on one side of the park and picks up on the other. *sigh*

Sunday, we went to Marineworld for Mother's Day. Kind of a nightmare- they were running a promo, which resulted in the park being HUGELY overcrowded. It took us an hour to exit the freeway and get into the dropoff area. The parking lot was full, so after charging HalfshellHusband $15 to park, he had to go into overflow where there is no shuttle. *kicks the evil entities that run Marineworld* We still had a good time, though it was brief, and our dinner of strawberries and gumbo was delicious. :D

We also packed Christopher up for camp. His class has Outdoor School over several years- 3 days in 3rd grade, 4 days in 4th grade (this year), and 5 days at Yosemite next year! Lucky kid. He'll be back Friday afternoon, just as his sister is leaving for a Girl Scout event, because we can never get a minute alone. Murphy's Law.

Watched And Then She Found Me Saturday night. Messy, unpleasant story. Helen Hunt looked haggard and Matthew Broderick was chubby. Less good than I'd hoped, overall. Last weekend, we saw Marilyn Hotchkiss' School Of Ballroom Dancing. I'd picked that one because the premise sounded sweet, and what a cast-- Robert Carlyle as the lead (I have a thing for his nose), John Goodman, Mary Steenburgen, Marisa Tomei, and (for unknown reasons) small parts featuring Adam Arkin, Ernie Hudson, David Paymer, and Miguel Sandoval. Very nice movie, and I wish John Goodman were (1) less heavy these days (ouch!) and (2) getting more work. He was great in this.

I've got one drabble left (I'm behiiiind), and I've been doing some Sweet Charity writing, mostly isolated snippets. There's a Big Bang headed my way for beta and another Sweet Charity to get cranking on, though a PWP Sam/Dean porn is having all kinds of appeal. It's like having a class project to do, and getting Spring Fever. ;)

Oh-- I'm over at Dreamwidth as HalfshellVenus also, and if I've got you friended and you have a different username over there, please let me know. I'm firmly staying here, but I hope to begin crossposting to both places (in case any of you are disappearing).

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