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Supernatural 2x21: Why, Kripke, why? I'm pretty sure hardly anyone in the Supernatural audience really wants to see the show go there. And how are you going to get it out in S5? WILL you?

Also, as I cracked to Halfshellhusband, if you go to the Apocalypse (or nearly so-- I remain permanently unspoiled), how do you follow THAT up? Everything after that's going to seem anticlimactic, so from a writing strategy standpoint why hit that peak when you've still got another season left? Leaving aside the whole issue of it seeming excessive and overwrought to begin with... :(

In other TV news, we finally saw the Chuck finale on DVD. Adorable, as always, though I feel like Scott Bakula is one step away from rehashing Quantum Leap somehow (except in the Dean Stockwell role this time). I really hope Chuck gets renewed. It's such a sweet show, and the combination of sweet and entertaining is far too rare. Plus, the antics at the Buy More crack me up.

Randomly, Lethal Weapon is on TV and I'm watching with the sound off. Haven't seen it in years, but I tell you, the homoeroticism still leaps off the screen-- even moreso without sound. That was one of the big reasons I first loved the movie, other than Mel Gibson being gorgeous. Too bad he's become such an unquestionable ass. :(

ETA: Late-night infomercials are SO bizarre. The other night it was people making evil vegetable juices (with things like potatoes and beets). Now it's some twisty-turny exercise machine that you kneel on, and just watching it makes my back hurt. No thanks!

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