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Commuter snippets and other random stuff

Saw a couple of fun things on my way to work the last couple of days. Yesterday, it was a jeep-like vehicle with a cloth cover on its rear spare tire that featured a skeleton pirate fist-pumping and steering a ship's wheel. Today, it was an ooky-green GTI with the license plate "YODA 63". Hee!

Did some adventure-cycling near the office, in preparation (once again) to try commuting to work from my house. There is really no good way to get to the Interstate where I need to cross (at the pedestrian/bike bridge). One of my choices-- the one farthest out of the way!-- has a bike lane all the way up, but the neighborhood becomes iffy. All of the other ones have roads with little shoulder, which is nervewracking. The shortest of them all would be ideal, except for the lack of a bike lane. I'll try driving along it tonight to see if the city's recent repaving project improved that. I used it last year for my single ride, and there were 0-4 inches on which to ride and some fairly heavy traffic. ETA: Same as always, though I notice the bad stretch is < 1 mile. I might be able to swing it going the other direction, where there's a detour route that adds about .7 miles.

This weekend I'll investigate the route from my house (the other side of I-80) and see if I can find a better way to avoid the traffic hell of too many business driveways/schools without riding on a street where I have to stop at every freaking corner. :0

Yesterday, I went out on a ride toward a major street near I-80 that I haven't visited in about a year. Refreshing my memory, you can't get very far before the traffic picks up, the stoplights increase, the neighborhood becomes ratty-looking, and there are a ton of business driveways. I took that road out past the last artery and into a more rural area. There IS a bike lane, but the traffic is busy, and after taking a connecting street to the route back in, my return road had no marked shoulder and was kind of narrow. White-knuckle biking-- it's not for the faint of heart!

In TV news, I have to Torrent both Reaper and the Scrubs finale. Apparently, even though there is sufficient space on the disk, my DVR machine will only record things at the END of the disk. Which means 7 minutes of last night's Reaper, and nothing at all of Scrubs! *kicks machine* Earlier this week on 24, "Bug" made an appearance (as an Arab, though, not an East-Indian). No sign of the Senator's traitorous aid, who is played by an actor that keeps cropping up everywhere-- he's on "24," he's playing Gillian's husband in "Lie To Me," and I thought he was in "11th Hour" earlier this season. I'm getting whiplash! Frederic Lane (SPN's "Yellow-Eyed Demon") was on L&O last week, and SVU a few weeks ago. I also spotted Alan from "Reaper" (the soul who beat the Devil's system) in "Lie To Me" last week, and of course Reaper-Tessa made an appearance on "House." I think I need to make a character-actor bingo game...

Still making my way through the Drabble Meme. Just two more left, and I've started one of them. *prods self to finish*

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