The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

What I Wrote In February

Wow. I hit all my fandom groupings, plus challenges for hetFic, Crossover and CrackFic. 18 stories or drabbles, and a whole host (36) of those neat little Stories I Never Wrote You.

Prison Break Gen:
Precious Things (PG)-- Michael’s POV. Longing for security in a cruel and changing world.
If Only (PG)-- Michael’s POV. Life would have been different for him, for all of them, but for a few things.
Secrets (PG)-- Warden Pope’s POV. A promise to forgo is not a promise to forget.
Sacrifices (PG)-- (Post-Escape) Lincoln’s eyes witness every sacrifice Michael has made for him.
Imperfect Choices (PG)-- Maricruz’ POV, het. Two men want her, but only one can win.
Modern Fables for Single Women (Prison Break/ER Crossover, PG)-- Sara’s POV. In which the Fair Maiden and the Mysterious Prince meet by chance in the Storm-Blown City.
Falling Away (PG)-- Michael tries to remember his mother even as the memories slowly slip away.
When Godzilla Attacks (PG, CrackFic)-- Exactly what it sounds like.

Prison Break Slash:
No Soft Tomorrow (PG-13) -- Lincoln’s POV, following the argument in “Keeping His Distance.”
Waiting For Yes (PG)-- Continues the post-escape romance & distance arc after the above story.
Always, Chapter 3 (PG)-- Appearances by Westmoreland, Sucre and T-Bag.

Supernatural Gen:
Supernatural100 “Candy” Drabble: Displacement (PG)-- a twisty take on this theme. Angsty.
Supernatural100 Challenge: ”Holiday” Gen Drabbles
Supernatural100 “Zombies” Drabble Challenge: No Perfect Evil (PG, Angsty)
The Careless Perils of Pizza (PG)—birthday drabble for winterlive.
Dream a Little Dream (PG, Mainly Gen with a touch of Wincest, Angsty)—Sam dreams himself and Dean in many forms, through many challenges. I’m considering changing the title to “What Dreams May Come,” because this is a very emotionally resonant work and the title may imply that it’s more flippant.

Supernatural Slash:
Supernatural100 “Holiday” Drabble Challenge: Rituals and Celebrations (PB-13, 5 slash drabbles)
Neither Predator Nor Prey (R)-- post-Benders slash.
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