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What I Wrote In March And April

I spent a lot of time in March and April working on and finishing my Sweet Charity story for jasmasson (a 6000-word Prison Break Michael/Lincoln extravaganza, my longest PB fic ever). If you like Michael/Lincoln and haven't read it, please do!

Despite that major effort, I managed to get several other stories written as well, thanks to a bunch of birthdays and the Drabble Meme that I started last Monday. \o/ Details below the cuts...

Supernatural Gen:
Broken Souls And Tired Regrets (Sam, Dean, Bobby, PG) - post-2x01, "In My Time Of Dying", Dad's gone, but for Sam that shadow still remains…
Diabolical Conversations (Reaper/SPN Xover, PG) - Azazel and the Reaper-universe Devil get together to talk about their respective Sams.
To All Excess (Sam, Dean, PG Humor) - You just know that early S3 lifestyle had to take its toll on Dean…
Go Round In Circles (Dean, Castiel, PG Humor for pixel_0's birthday):

Supernatural Slash:
Close Quarters (Sam/Dean, R, for drvsilla's birthday) - Limitations are more of a challenge to Dean than a constraint.
Like Music Or Silence (Sam/Dean, R, for certainthings's birthday) - In Season 4, the boys' world has suddenly become too crowded…

Prison Break Gen/Other:
Confidences (Lincoln, Sara, PG for linzi20's birthday) - A pre-series getting-acquainted interlude.
Desperation Is Never Pretty (Michael, Lincoln, All-Dialogue Humor, PG, for badboy_fangirl's birthday) - AU Season 4 crack, which might be indistinguishable from the show at this point…
Relative Obscenities (Michael, Lincoln, PG Humor for chanchito_z's birthday) - What was that noise?

Prison Break Slash:
Our Dreams Unbound (Michael/Lincoln Pre-series drama/romance, R, for Sweet Charity) - Lincoln finally comes home again, but will he stay?

Terminator:SCC Gen/Het Drabble: Haunted (Derek, Cameron, PG) - When Derek looks at her, he sees a ghost…
Die Hard 4 Slash Ficlet: Old-School Pwnage (John/Matt, PG) - Old-fashioned fun has its advantages.

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