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Happy Birthday, drvsilla!

Many happy returns to drvsilla! I hope the coming year is shiny and wonderful in all possible ways!

If you'd like a birthday drabble, please leave me some prompts in the comments below!


We saw The Soloist this weekend, and enjoyed it very much. Very good performances from both Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr., and a really interesting exploration of schizophrenia and the difficulties of dealing with it. I really liked the musical aspects of it, too. Jamie Foxx's efforts at learning the cello really paid off—there is NO distraction at any time of the movements being out-of-synch with the music (which is a common problem in TV/movies, and drives me nuts). One of the most unexpected things about the movie was that the music Nathaniel recreates typically is not solo cello music—often, it's the cello part of an orchestral piece (Beethoven's Eroica Symphony got quite a workout), and it really underscores the way in which Nathaniel so often lives in a world that is different from the present. When he plays, he joins the music he already hears, much like when he talks he echoes the conversations already running through his head.

The ending seemed a little abrupt, and I wonder if it was edited back. Parts shown in the trailer, where RDJ looked older, were missing, but some of that older RDJ was still used. Poor visual continuity there. Overall, though, definitely worth seeing—especially if you're a fan of either actor.

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