The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Boondock Saints Mumbles

So I finally saw this one (and "Blade: Trinity" a few weeks ago).

Kind of have mixed feelings about it-- more along the lines of "Flashy & trashy" like many of the movies you young'uns seem to watch these days.

I very much liked the two brothers in this, and the closeness (zen-like) between them. But not so sold on the vigilante-vendetta, and I really have some qualms about Willem Dafoe's character in it. The "Opera" part SO didn't work for me (pretentious just so gay-stereotype), and his character seemed to head off the CrackEnd of things late in the movie.

But I loved his sharpness and sarcasm, and the picking apart the scenes and getting to what was underneath it all. Again, though-- I tend not to love the "SuperGenius" characters whether in movies or TV. They're just annoying to me. You hear that Mulder? Bobby Goren? Criminal Minds Reid? I'm sure there are others I'm forgetting, but they just tend to be superior, smug, and insufferable. :(

The brothers were good together, but the mix of ultra-religious with Killers for God just borders on offensive to me. Yes, me-- the agnostic. It's hypocritical and wrong, and I don't like it.

I'm of two minds about the naked telephone scene that was cut. The two brothers were really cute in it, but my god. With the amount of scenery the Rocco character was chewing in that movie, I can see why the director/editor/producers/what-have-you decided that the mother was just Too Much. Spit that table out, lady! How can you talk with that sofa in your mouth? Geez.

The downside of cutting it is that... (and keep in mind that I watched this while biking indoors with the fan going and the volume up to Max and the subtitles on, and yet I could have missed something)... other than in that scene, I don't believe it's mentioned that the brothers are TWINS. That brings a whole different dynamic to their relationship (explains some of the TwinThink aspects of their behaviors and how they understand each other so well without words).

And the blond brother? Cute! Shocking, since I'm so not into blonds (except *cough*Jensen*cough).

Well, mindless fun anyway. Nice music theme. Brothers In Arms indeed (we so need a p0rn movie with that title!).
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