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The cold that's been kicking my butt all week triggered a coughing fit during a movie tonight. There was a sudden attack of wetness in my chest that wouldn't quit. God, that's all I need—I'm supposed to go running tomorrow, and biking instead isn't really an option (Sundays, you take your life into your hands from pedestrian stupidity if you go out on the bike path). My chest still hurts. :(

And? That moisture had better move along and be done with. My lungs were a little sore Weds, Thurs, & Friday while exercising, and that's not a good sign. *frowns*

The movie was I Love You, Man, which was SO much better than I expected. Very sweet really, with a couple of helpings of bizarre. I don't think I've seen Jason Segal before, but he was like an American version of Stephen Fry in this movie—and when I say that, I also include the character Fry plays on Bones, where he is clever, strange and perhaps a little bit loony, all in turns.

Bought seeds and seedlings with Lauren today, and got about half the planting done. She was very excited about this, and chose some flowers to try out along with the strawberries and watermelon she wanted. I thought I'd give red bell peppers another try, along with another pepper variety, and turnips just for the heck of it. For flowers, I see her love of orange has returned again (it's the one color I kind of hate in the garden). We bought seeds for delphiniums (whites & blues, I'll be surprised if they survive), lupins, orange poppies, and chinese-lantern flower. Funny that she picked that last one—those used to fascinate me as a kid, because the flowers really DO look like Chinese lanterns.

Tomorrow, I hope to finish planting and then HalfshellHusband needs to blast the area with bug-be-gone or whatever the equivalent is before the pillbugs eat everything that sprouts. We're apparently farming the creatures right now—en masse. :0 You'd think they'd at least take a crack at the weeds...

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