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Supernatural Gen Drabble: "Go Round In Circles"

Title: Go Round In Circles
Author: HalfshellVenus
Characters: Dean, Castiel (Gen, Humor, Drabble)
Rating: PG
Summary: Even the most boring places are no longer sacred…
Author's Notes: Happy birthday to pixel_0, who wanted a Dean vs. Castiel story. Hope you like this, and many happy returns!
Also for supernatural100, this is "Aggravation."


"What is this?"


"I am sorry for startling you."

"Really." Dean jammed the remaining clothes into the washer. "Then stop the—just—you know what? Try arriving in the distance and approaching on foot before you start talking. Instead of just falling out of the sky."

"Because you are focused on this task."

"Well, no. It's just laundry."

"It eats metal."

"Money. You feed it coins, it washes your clothes."

"With brown water."

Dean sighed. "Don't you ever clean… that? You?"

"It is unnecessary."

"Right, special angel powers. Then why do you ask?"

"To understand."

"Go understand someone else."

-------- fin --------

Tags: birthday, dean vs. castiel, drabbles, humor, my_fic, sn_gen, spn_s4_fic

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