The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

So I know who won me for Sweet Charity now—the fabulous scarlett_o and someone I haven't met before. \o/ Wonder what form their desires will take? *ponders* I can think of at least 3 possible areas for Scarlett alone, and no idea what the other person might like.

Thanks to all of you who bid on me—I saw names flying by for awhile until the whole thing went into radio silence, and of course I like to guess what kind of story you'd ask for if you won. :D I had massive fail in my own attempts. I tuned in on Saturday to see what was for sale, and couldn't get the database to show me any details, then got buried in RL (car, work, etc.) until end-of-bidding yesterday where the whole site became inaccessible! Basically, it appears that fandom is too awesome for the mere capabilities of most network servers under stress. ♥

HalfshellHusband is running around between his doctor and various labs today, after an ER trip last night and some prior tests and visits. His right knee has been killing him for weeks, due to swelling below it that has slowly spread down his leg. I was hoping for cellulitus (runs in his family), and last night thought it might be another MRSA attack. His doctor's been pursuing clots, and now is looking at medication side-effects. Meanwhile, swelling has begun in the other leg and we have no answers. The pain keeps him awake at night, limits his daytime activities severely, and god knows what's going to happen with the Disneyland trip we've got planned starting on Sunday. We think clots and MRSA have been ruled out, and unfortunately also cellulitus (which is treatable with antibiotics). But we have no solution and therefore no relief. *bites nails*

On the good news front, my M-I-L (who was hospitalized for pneumonia 2 1/2 weeks ago) was moved from the hospital to a rehabilitative care facility over the weekend, and is perking up rapidly. We're seeing day-to-day improvement in big steps now, which is wonderful. She'll be 88 come May, and thank goodness for her strength of will!

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