The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

What A Weekend!

First, take a gander at the beautiful new Supernatural Slash Banner scarlett_o made for my fic page. Isn't it gorgeous?

Second, we now own a silver 2007 Prius! Not cheap, but cheaper than new, and we plan to drive it into the ground as we do all our cars. It was hard saying goodbye to the '92 Honda Accord (so many memories), but with 204,000 miles on it and the suspension starting to need repair, it was time to bite the bullet. And I'm so glad that's over!

I spent most of Saturday cleaning up the old car (lots of scrubbing), and then we went to dinner at a friend's house. Funny, when she said she was having falafel for dinner, I didn't think she meant that was all she was having for dinner. There were chips and dip beforehand (I tried not to go nuts on those), but dinner really was just the falafel and some similarly-prepared lamb/rice thing which I mostly ate instead. I've never liked falafel, and nothing's changed there. Actually, I dislike Mediterranean food overall. I love gyros and souvlaki and pita bread, and I like feta cheese and tomatoes, but I hate hummous (too garlicky), cucumbers, rice, parsely, kalmati olives, and olive oil in quantity. Unfortunately, this cuisine is very popular among modern Jewish families, for obvious reasons, so when we visit with friends from the kids' old daycare this kind of food turns up a lot. :0

We watched He's Just Not That Into You on Friday, because everything else was either a horror flick, Julia Roberts, or something we'd already seen. The movie was worse than I'd anticipated-- hardly any likeable characters, and nearly all of them were idiots. Yay.

Saturday night's DVD was Rachel Getting Married, and it featured great work by Anne Hathaway in an unwatchable context. By that, I don't mean just the uncomfortable family scenes or the obnoxious way that Hathaway's reformed drug addict character insisted that absolutely everything (even her sister's wedding) be about her. No, it was the insufferable multi-cultural influx of mediocre events, people and traditions that drove us nuts, and how long those moments went on. There were SO many scenes with music and people dancing that really did nothing for the story, and we wound up fast-forwarding through big chunks of them. The movie could really have used a firm hand with the editing. :0

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