The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Were people at a convention this weekend? Or was the weather really nice? I tell you, when you post Wincest and hardly anyone reads it, you have to wonder!

First, if you haven't seen these Jeffrey Dean Morgan pics, check them out! They are fine. The man should always have that beard—whoo! *sizzle*

Second, I bought my silver ticket to the Vancouver SPN Con. *is nervous* *hopes nothing major comes up to torpedo it*

I already told my brother that August weekend was off-limits, because guess what? *grooooan* My eighteen-year-old niece decided that she and her longtime on/off boyfriend somehow needed to rush into getting married last Friday, and there will be a "wedding re-enactment" and reception sometime in August. Everyone's pretty much devastated by her choice (she has barely started college, is directionless, her boyfriend has a HUGE history of being directionless, and now she'll be a military wife on top of it—adding all kinds of logistical complications into EVER finishing college and doing something with her life). Even Lauren (age 11) was horrified. I feel so for my brother and his wife, because this must feel like watching their child throw her future away. I hope both of them do some serious growing up in the near future. :(

On the TV front, I'm so glad I stuck with The Sarah Connor Chronicles. S1 was entertaining, if sometimes messy, though emo-John used to annoy me tons. S2 has been much more interesting, on the part of all of the characters. I love Cameron this season (and her odd soulfulness), I can tolerate John better, and Derek has even become interesting. I'll admit, half the time I don't know what's going on with Sarah. During the "insomnia" episode, it was very hard to tell what was real and what wasn't, and then there was the "imagining Kyle was there" episode before that. Never boring, but it can be confusing.

I like the glimpses of how things affect the future, and I loved the episode where it turned out the Jessie and Derek, both from the future, are not from the same future even though they'd assumed that they were.

So, one of my favorite ideas (not that I expect to see this EVER happen) is that because the SkyNet queen put Ellison in charge of teaching the robot (after the disaster with the pyschologist)... what if Ellison succeeds in teaching the robot morals and 'caring,' and by doing so manages to inadvertantly torpedo the entire machine-dominated future? I love the notion that the SkyNet queen could undermine her own future simply by making the mistake of assigning Ellison to that job. Oh, the potential irony!

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