The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

It's spring! What stinks? :0

Lots of trees in bloom around here, and they're really pretty. I prefer the pink and purple blossoms to the white ones, but I'll take anything. Although... the trees with white clumps of flowers are smelly. Even Christopher, with his stuffed-up nose, can smell them. Thank god I don't have allergies, or there'd be more than stinkiness going on.

A friend pointed me to, and I gave it a try today. It's...less than helpful. The online tools WAY overestimate the traveled distance, so today's targeted 24-mile bike ride was only 16 miles at my major forking point, and even with adding nearly 3 miles it was still only 22.5 miles total. My whole universe is in upheaval-- where is the truth?!? I marked off a 3-mile distance on the map (which came up as 3.3 on this tool and 3.5 on But I'm going to have to stick with my bike's judgment-- it's calibrated for the bike path, which has mile markers all over it. That ride sure FELT longer, though.

Reaper is back (now on Tuesdays), and oh I have missed this show. The snark is as good as ever, though there's a shortcut feel to some of the episode exposition. Could be because I never make it downstairs in time for the complete opening. In any case, I long for the return of Demon Steve. Or perhaps I've got a thing for Ken Marino now, thanks to this show. :0

Oh, and on this week's Law & Order: SVU, Supernatural's former Yellow-Eyed Demon guest-starred as a Dad. Quelle horreur!

Tags: cycling, me, tv
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