The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Lots of interesting discussions with my f-list over Watchmen today, not to mention getting a better idea of what true graphic novels are all about. I've got some things to add to my reading list now. :)

Went for a bike ride today-- brrrrr. About 54 with cold wind, and I spent the first half of the ride wiping tears out from under my right eye (always that one, for some reason). Lots of people dressed like me, in tights and long sleeves and/or jackets, but one serious cyclist had on a tank t-shirt and shorts. WHAT. The windchill alone was miserable!

Lots of turkeys out, and I saw the wattle on one of them up close. Yick-- about 4 inches long, looking like an elongated testical, and seriously, what are wattles for? It's not like they're external gallbladders or something necessary. There was also a lone goose in the river randomly honking at god-knows-what. Further proof that geese cannot, for the life of them, shut up.

Tonight's 24: I cried along with Jack. *sniffle* Tonight's Castle? Nathan Fillion might finally get a chance with this show, which was funny and sassy, and that man is SO damned handsome that I need him to make weekly appearances on my TV-- in shows I can tolerate.

I've got tonight's Chuck on DVD, though it'll have to wait. Looking forward to it!

Tags: cycling, me, tv

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