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The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

What I Wrote In February

I was going to do this last week, and then immediately forgot. That explains why this tends to come so late in the month!

Check out the "Random Fandom" section below-- that one was very busy last month. :0

Supernatural Gen:
The Answer Man Needs A Vacation (Dean vs. Castiel Humor, PG) - Funny how it's the mundane things that can really get you down…
Out Of The Frying Pan (Dean and Sam vs. Castiel Crack, PG) - Castiel makes the mistake of asking the Winchesters for cooking lessons.
The Soldier's Other Son (PG-13, Drama) - Five times Sam disagreed with John, and one time he finally didn't.
Lunchtime Larceny (Drabble, PG, Humor for dotfic's birthday) - Flexibility, creativity, and a credit card. That's all you need.
Insubstantial (Drabble, Drama, PG, S4) - Dean is still a specter in the life he once called his own.

Supernatural Slash:
The Softest Truth (Sam/Dean Drabble, PG-13, S4, for sadelyrate) - In the darkness, Dean is different...
Soft As A Wish (Sam/Dean Drabble, PG-13, "IMToD") - Sam looks for answers in his brother's face.

Prison Break:
Hope Aloft On The Wind (Lincoln & Michael, Gen or Slash, PG, for clair_de_lune) - After leaving prison, Lincoln searches for a sense of who he still is.

Pushing Daisies: New Seasons To Call Home Again (Chuck-centered Gen for mercurybard's birthday) - Life changes, not always for the better, but there are comforts still to be found.
Die Hard 4: Subtextual Valentines (John/Matt Valentine's Day Slash, R) - John might be so subtle that even he doesn't realize what he's saying.
The True Meaning Of Smekday: Even Fugitives Have To Stop To Catch Their Breath (PG) - A interlude in the journey of Gratuity ("Tip") Tucci, J Lo the alien, and Pig the cat.

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