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I'm halfway through my weight-loss goal (yay!), and discovered today that I can wear a pair of pants that I haven't gotten into in over two years. And they're not terribly tight, either! Whoo!

We saw the Watchmen tonight, which was not what I was expecting.

Well. I hadn't read the graphic novel, of course (I'm not a comic book person), so I had no context going in. First of all, I didn't expect it to be so dark, or so "Alternate Universe" of U.S. history. And second, I didn't expect it to be so sociopathic. Many of the superheroes it it are sociopaths, and the character played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan is reprehensible. Oh JDM-- looking so hot, and it's wasted because the character does some very sick things. :(

Interesting story structure (which unexpectedly slows down to a snail's pace near the end), interesting alternate 'history,' very good historical character-casting (the Nixon and Kissinger are great, and it looks like Dean Stockwell is playing Nikita Krushchev). Some really great visuals, which contrast oddly with the sheer cheesiness of the Watchmen group's costumes and superhero identities. And I found the Dr. Manhattan character really interesting, as well as Rorshach.

But the violence was explicit, sickening, and gleeful, and that really doesn't suit me at all. I hate glorified sociopathy-- it's one of the reasons I don't like the "Godfather" series (or "Goodfellas," or most mob movies) or "Pulp Fiction." Also? I never thought I'd say this, but too much penis. After awhile, it just starts to get weird.

Okay. It was entertaining, but some of it was unwatchable due to the graphic violence.

To the world at large, I'd really like to just enjoy JDM being charming for a change and not get these characters that I wind up being mad at.

ETA: Dear god, a whole discussion went on while I slept! It appears at first glance that people who have read the Watchmen graphic novel will take away something entirely different from the movie than I did. Unfortunately, I'll bet most audience members haven't read the novel, so now the question is what does the Average Joe (Yeah! Blow shit up!) see the movie being about?

Watch out for spoilers in the comments below.

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