The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Fic Poll Update

OK, I have most of the votes I'm going to get on "Stories I Never Wrote You." Here are the results (no promises, but I'll try):

PrisonBreak Stories
Someone Else’s (Lincoln/Michael pre-slash) (4 votes)
Sponge (Maytag) (2 votes, AND already written)
Love Will Bloom (T-Bag, Dark) (2 votes)
When Godzilla Attacks (CrackFic)-- the Lizard one (3 votes, AND already written)
1001 Ways To Piss Off A Death Row Inmate (Or: Five Ways T-Bag Didn't Almost Die) (4 votes)
Unanimous (PB Crackfic based on Michael's ass) (3 votes)

Supernatural Stories
Dream a little dream... (1 Vote, but story is already written although not as slashy/fluffy as the ficlet)
Ho Ho The Pink Fluffy Unicorn (Crackfic) (Deathlist of who wanted me to kill them for voting for this one: sxeraven, fiddleyoumust, mooyoo)
The 5 Senses (Sam/Dean slash) (2 Votes)
Nimrod's Son (Dean as Hunter. Angsty) (2 Votes)

I will probably write "Someone Else's" and "Five Ways T-Bag Didn't Almost Die" for Prison Break. I may did write "Sponge". I will write "The 5 Senses" for Supernatural, and probably "Nimrod's Son." I CAN'T BELIEVE you people voted for the unicorn CrackFic one. Was the ficlet not vomitous enough for you already? Oy.

AND... I already did write 3 of them. Thanks for voting (and for offering the titles in the first place)! My f-list and my random visitors rock!

Update: alazosod wrote the expanded fic from the "Jimmy Crack Corn" ficlet. It's here, and it's great!

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