The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Another weekend gone already...

Another rainy week here, which means that I spent Saturday pruning down stuff in the backyard until my hands were blistered because I won't see another day like that in who knows how long? I've still got dead stuff from the fall to clear out!

We took the kids to see Coraline on Sunday, a Tim Burtonesque movie about a girl who discovers a parallel life through the walls of her apartment. That magical other life looks so much better and happier... to begin with. Really interesting art direction, and oh the sadness of the poor kid nicknamed "Wybie" (for "Why were you born?"). What I really, really liked, though, was the music. It was so deceptively simple-sounding (like a child's fantasy of happy memories) and so other-worldly. Really very eerie.

In the garage today, I watched Wet Hot American Summer. Honestly, I rented it for the boykissing between Bradley Cooper and Michael Ian Black, which was brief but totally worth it. But it's one of those movies where all of these familiar faces start popping up—Jeanine Garofolo, Paul Rudd, David Hyde Pierce, Christopher Meloni, Amy Poehler, Molly Shannon—and the story is stupid fun and harmless enough. By the end, it's practically crack. Ken Marino also appears (Michael Ian Black's fellow demon on Reaper), and though he sports a terrifying afro he's also wearing a tight tank top and skimpy cutoffs. My God but that man has incredible legs (Greek-statue-gorgeous legs, nicely muscled). I'm still in awe.

And in random TV thoughts, please don't give us a female President and then have her make stupid emotion-driven decisions instead of Presidential ones (24). Also, if your show features Tony Todd then make sure he has lots and lots of dialogue (*is shallow*). And? As much as Medium does nothing for me it's still infinitely preferrable to yet another "News Magazine" show featuring the delusional octuplet-mom. :0

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