The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Fly-by updates & questions

Finished Run, Fat Boy, Run Thursday night. Not bad, and I got a kick out of the landlord (an East Indian man who manages to make "Dennis Doyle from downstairs" sound like such a putdown). Very surprised to see that it was written by Michael Ian Black, known to many as an American comedian and to me personally as Steve the Demon from Reaper.

Tonight, we watched Swimming With Sharks. That was some dark humor, though Kevin Spacey was perfectly cast. Scariest of all... I once had a boss like that, a nasty martinet of a man who changed the rules constantly because his real expectation was that you read his mind (and failure to do so warranted screaming). I hate to admit it, but I wished for really bad things to befall him by the time I quit that job.

In happier news, I'm seriously thinking about going to the Vancouver Creation Con. However, I am a little worried about cost. For those in the know, how workable is the bus shuttle from Seattle to Vancouver? Because I really don't think I can swing the airfare directly into Vancouver. :(

And randomly, someone is leaving me the most thoughtful and involved comments on some of my Wincest drabbles at but they're in Spanish. I can get a vague feeling for them via an online translator, but the result is not as coherent as the original. Anybody really good with Spanish?

Also, do any of you U.K. Brits do baking? I have a recipe for Welsh Scones that I intended for Lauren to take to a Girl Scout meeting in November, but I hadn't looked at it in ages and I forgot that the measurement descriptions... need some interpretation. :0

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