The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
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Have some random...

I'm hoping to finish a drabble for a special someone and post it today. I thought I'd finish it last night, but SnorrrZZZzzzz... God, I hate the evening sleepiness that afflicts me these days. I think it's because of lowering my thyroid, but the result is that I'm not getting the writing done that I'd like! *needs more alert creative time*

Now here's the random: because we only have regular network television at our house (by choice, man!), I'm one of those people who has to ride the mute button during commercial breaks. The upshot of this is that I often wonder whether people have ANY IDEA what their commercial looks like when the sound is off. You really need to consider both the sound on/off versions! For instance:

Chevron blue-car Techron commercial: Sometimes I don't feel so good, but maybe it's because I've got dogs popping out of my butt.

Today is sunny, and I've got an outdoor ride planned (this will have to be my long once, since Wednesday's got cut a little short due to the rain). IF (*crosses fingers*) the weather stays good, I've got a few trees to prune and plants to whack back before they start blooming again. And dead stuff from last fall to clear off, which always takes a back seat to Xmas/leaves/roses/rain. Seriously-- year after year, that's pretty much how it goes.

What have you got planned?

And WHAT is this new "Pingback" function on LJ? I didn't see it mentioned in the LJ news epistles.

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