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Birthday greetings and other randomness!

It's the delightful dotfic's birthday today! I hope you're having a wonderful time, and that you will be appropriate caked and feted by those around you. And if you'd like a drabble, please leave me some prompts in the comments below! ♥

Onto the random. First, a hilarious video that astrothsknot posted up yesterday, called Spiders On Drugs. I totally bought into it at the beginning. :D

I have the day off today, so HalfshellHusband and I are going to have a movie date tonight while the kids are still at their aunt's. We tried to see International on Monday, but HSH got sick in the parking lot and we had to turn back (one of his current medications causes this). However, we did have a wonderful Valentine's Day dinner, and over the weekend we watched some Burn Notice S2 (thank you, Torrent!), and some Robot Chicken (I liked this more than HSH, sorry to say).

We re-watched Cold Comfort Farm, and Rufus Sewell so was and is my type. ;). The movie features a very young Kate Beckinsale (she got much prettier with age) as Flora, and oddly enough I found that character nearly insufferable this time around. I don't remember feeling that way when we watched the movie years ago in the theater. In fact, what I principally remember from before is Rufus Sewell, the old man polishing his cows, and "I saw something nasty in the woodshed." Which was enough to go on for reviewing, let me tell you!

Mid-week we also watched Be Kind, Rewind, thanks to a Netflix recommendation. Oh my god—what a bizarrely fun movie! I'm not a big Jack Black fan (he overdoes his schtick far too readily for me), but the description of "Two guys accidentally erase everything in a video store while the boss is away, and create their own versions of famous movies instead" was such a hook that I couldn't resist trying it out. The Mike&Jerry versions of the movies (and the filming process) were utterly cracktastic, and I definitely wanted more of that. I could watch the filming of "not!Ghostbusters" again and again. :D

In other life news, I made it to 140 today (haven't seen this weight in over 2 years!). 20 more pounds to go, though I'll have a few more clothing choices at around 130. I'm crossing my fingers that the next ten pounds will not take months and months to lose. :0

We're still waiting on our mortgage refinancing to complete. Honestly, as repeat customers, you'd think it wouldn't still take 6+ weeks for this! Part of the impatience is that we have to return about $20K in Disability Insurance money (the paying company did not listen when my husband told them that he was also receiving SSI), AND we need to buy a car soon. But we can't lay out those kinds of expenditures until after the refi completes, because the mortgage company will freak. We had to write a letter explaining a credit check that happened to be from the competing mortgage refinancer I was considering! Sheesh.

Speaking of cars... we're looking mostly at Honda and Toyata sedans, in the range of 2-5 years old. Any experience with those, particularly the rear passenger leg room and trunk room?

Tomorrow: Girl Scout Cookie deliveries allll day long, as soon as Lauren gets back. And rain yet again on Sunday. :0

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