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The 2008 Writing Meme

Yeah, I'm behind. But I didn't do one last year at all, so this is an improvement. Right?

I wasn't going to list all the many stories I wrote in 2008, but then I realized that the meme is sort of based on that. Hence, the LJ-cut!

Supernatural Gen:
In The Hotseat (PG-13, Humor, Crossover) - Dean vs. Detective Goren of L&O: CI.
Snowzilla (PG-13, Humor) - All-dialogue fic set in S3.
Supernatural vs. The Chicken (PG, Humor) - Pretty much a cracktastic take on "why the chicken crossed the road."
Killer Treez (PG, Humor) - For spn_christmas, at a Christmas Tree Farm, the trees. Are. ALIVE!
On The Strength Of False Promises (PG) - Through mid-S3, Dean struggles to accept what he cannot change and still the reality is something different every time.
Cursed By Curiosity (PG, CrackFic) - Dean is too impulsive for anyone's good...
Always Too Soon Gone (Five Friends Sam Left Behind) (PG-13) - Pre-series, no aspect of this was ever easy for Sam.
Dead Man Walking (PG) (Angst) - Mid Season 3, this is how Dean survives the waiting.
Silent World (PG) - S1, Sam adjusts to being a Winchester again, and to the things they do that he's always hated.
Salting Old Wounds (PG) - Ruby once was human, and the passing of centuries spent in darkness cannot help her to forget it.
If Words Could Make The Truth (PG-13) Post-"Nightmares" for spn_nostalgia, Dean tries to prove to Sam that he's not afraid of Sam's new powers.
Turn At Last To Death's Ordinary Door (Remix) (PG-13), Remix: Dean, Sam, Bobby, Ellen, Others. In the years after Dean's death, everything goes to Hell for Sam and the other hunters.
Even Eden Fell (PG-13) S2 "Croatoan" Sarge-centered fic. The end of the world always happens on a personal basis.
This Bitter Road (PG, Drama, Pre-4x01) Dean is gone, and it's no easier than the first time that happened.
A Pig And No Poke (PG, Crack) Dean/Miss Piggy, Sam: For win_non_con, with the real story behind that encounter.
Amateurs Everywhere You Go (PG-13, Humor) SPN/Reaper Crossover: (S3) The Winchester boys run into the Work Bench crew on a mission.
This Wasn't Even Fun The First Time Around (PG, Humor, Crack) - Five unwelcome times Castiel interrupted Dean. Of the many we all know exist. ;)

Supernatural General Drabbles and Drabble Sets:
Desperation, Mirrored (PG, Angst) - S3 post-"Mystery Spot" drabble.
Be Your Hero (PG, Humor, Angst) - S3 post-"Mystery Spot" drabble. Yes, both humor AND angst.
At The Edge Of Forever (PG, Angst) - Another S3 Post-"Mystery Spot" drabble, this one on Break.
Golden Treasure (G) - Wee!Chester drabble on "yellow."
The Deadliest Jewel (PG) - Bobby and Ruby. The enemy of my enemy…
A Roadside Wonderland (PG) - cozy drabble on "White Christmas."
Hope As Rundown As This Road (PG) - Angsty drabble: In Season 3, all Dean's choices are running out.
The Road Of Least Resistance(PG) - Humorous multi-username drabble.
Look At Me (PG)-- Post-Pilot Dean drabble: Even here, Sam's still somehow miles away.
As Night Slowly Becomes Tomorrow (PG) - Angsty S3 Dean drabble on time running out.
Handed Down (PG) - Drabble on the ways in which Dean has become his father's son.
Stanford Kaleidoscope (PG-13) - A tryptych of "Once Upon A Time" drabbles, overlapping in time.
Surprise Destinations (PG) - A little brotherly happiness.
You Bring It On Yourself (PG) - Dean unexpectedly digs himself a hole, and Sam's all too happy to push him in.
Everyday Curses (PG) - Bobby falls prey to Murphy's Law. A lot.
Suburban Prey (PG) - It's summertime, and for Sam and Dean the hunt is on...
Modern-Day Alchemy (PG) - Drabble on Dean and accomplishment.
Unvoiced Dissent t (PG) - Drabble on "Kings," and secrets Dean's been keeping.
Bedtime Battles For Adults (PG) The boys and reading in bed, and the inevitable bickering.
No Saviors But Ourselves (PG) The serious 'Once Upon A Time' drabble for win_non_con.
From The Treasury Of Least-Loved Fairytales (PG) The crack 'Once Upon A Time' drabble, for same.
Life Moves Faithlessly Forward (PG, Drama) - Three drabbles for Bobby, Sam and Dean on 4x01.
Places To Rest (PG) - My Sweet Charity story for tsuki_no_bara, this is a series of ten drabbles over the lifetime of Sam and Dean.
Loyalty (PG) - Post-2x01 "IMToD" Bobby drabble.
Next Time, Knock (PG) - Sam, Dean, and an unwanted visitor.
Other Voices, Other Rooms (PG) - Eight outside POV drabbles across all four seasons.
Accidents Happen (PG) - Sometimes Dean needs comforting too.
Living Dangerously (PG) - Post-4x06 'Yellow Fever', Dean decides that maybe five albums isn't actually enough.
Down By The Sea (G) - A little bit of happiness for Sam.


Supernatural Slash:
This Ain't No Red-Heart Romance (NC-17) - First-time Wincest for spn_first_time Valentine's Day challenge.
The Harder They Fall (NC-17) - Post-"No-Exit," Sam's not about to let anyone else step in to take what he's been waiting for all this time.
Melting (NC-17)- Desert heat and sweet relief for Sam and Dean in this Wincest PWP.
As We Wind On Down The Road (NC-17) - my Sweet Charity story for particlesofgale, set in early S3: With so little time left, Sam's had all he can take of Dean pushing him away.
Hold On Tight (NC-17) - Early S3, Sam's tired of handling their relationship on Dean's terms.
Summer Rain (R) - Schmoopy, porny Sam/Dean interlude.

Supernatural Slash Drabbles and Drabble Sets:
And You Shall Save Me (PG) - Dreamy, layered, S3 fairy-tale drabble.
Eyes Of Green (PG, Angsty) - Wincest drabble on "Green."
Burning For You (PG-13) - Steamy Wincest drabble.
Going Too Far (NC-17) - Porny drabble on getting drunk and getting carried away.
Waking The Tiger (PG-13) - Sequel to above .
The Fire Within (PG-13) - Wincest drabble with a dark twist.
When The World Stops Spinning (PG-13) - a "first kiss" drabble.
The Sheltering Sea (PG-13) - Post S3 "Happily Ever After."
And This We (I) Become (PG-13) - Pre-series Sam/Dean.
Worlds Aside And Time Held Distant (PG-13) - Schmoopiness and contentment.
Bearing Gifts (PG-13) Drabble on the boys celebrating Sam's birthday.
Anticipation (PG-13) Dean knows Sam's a tease...
The Fairytale Ending (PG-13) - Stanford-era drabble about finding happiness.
Intensity (R) - Drabble with porn and shmoop.
All These Truths (PG-13) - Sam/Dean drabble (more a mini-fic): Some things are true, always and forever.
Already Waited Too Long (PG-13) (S4 premiere) It doesn't matter how, it only matters that both of them are here.
These Fragile Lies (PG-13) Sam's at Stanford, and there are so many things Dean swears he doesn't miss...
Freeing That Long-Held Breath (PG-13) Early S4, It feels like it's been forever since he was with Sam just like this
Seriously, No (PG-13) "Hell-House" coda: Even after the truce, the effects of the prank war still linger on…
The Waiting Is Everything(PG-13) - Sam made him put this blindfold on...
On The Sidelines (PG-13) Wincest drabble on "Election." What? It's totally possible!
All Is Forgiven (PG-13) – Early S4, Sam burns like pure fire against Dean's skin...


Prison Break Gen:
Walking In Your Shoes (PG, Michael and Little LJ) - Bittersweet bonding in Lincoln's absence.
Get Out Of My Mirror! (PG, Crack) - Lincoln and ?? from Season 3, where the Crack is utterly deserved.
Prison Break vs. The Chicken (PG, Humor) - More crack on "why the chicken crossed the road", Prison Break-style.
Surviving The Failure Of Our Stars (PG) - Michael and Lincoln never had the luck that other people did…
But This Was Never Home (PG-13) - Kid!Kellerman drama for the foxriver_fic February challenge.
Breaking Out (PG-13) (Drama) - Michael finds comfort and freedom in the things that confine him over time.
Conspirators (PG) - Michael and Lincoln kid!Fic humor for the pbhiatus_fic food challenge.
Pedal To The Metal (PG) - All-dialogue humor-fic, with Michael and Lincoln in the road in early S2.
Trouble Comes Around (PG-13) (S2) Even on the run, Lincoln's mistakes still have a way of finding him. For philosophy_20.
Noble Theories, Revised Outcomes (PG) (S1) Lots of theories have exceptions. Henry Pope just didn't expect this to be one of them. For philosophy_20.
Nine Innings Of The Right Kind Of Nothing (PG) All-dialogue Michael and Lincoln fluff.


Prison Break Slash:
A Place To Rest (PG-13, Schmoop) - Quiet "Paradise" AU happiness.
And This You Owe Me (PG-13, Dark-ish) - M/L post-escape standalone: Lincoln owes Michael, and they both know it...
A Distant Mirage (Mahone/Michael) (NC-17, Angst) - My pbfic_exchange2 story, and my only fic involving this popular pairing.
The Best Intentions (PG-13) - Pre-series, Lincoln struggles to end something he never should have let begin.
Beyond This Fading Existence (PG-13) - Interlude in "The Arrangement" Series: Michael lights a long-forgotten fire inside Lincoln.
To Ease The Pain (PG-13) (Pre-series to S1) - Michael doesn't realize what he wants from Lincoln until his chance for it is gone.
Strange Bedfellows (PG-13) - Michael/Lincoln with a side of dangerous Abruzzi.
Brighter Even Than The Sun (PG-13) - Pre-Series, adolescent Michael notices Lincoln in ways that he can't stop thinking about.
Of The Less Familiar Species (PG-13) - Michael has never really understood girls, not entirely.
In The Secret Summer Shade (R) - Michael/Lincoln PWP smut in the "Paradise" universe.


Other Fandoms:
J-Squared RPS (Slash):
Denial Only Gets You So Far (NC-17) - The story of Jensen's untimely sex dream and the power of Jared in a towel.

Iron Man:
The Properties Of Delayed Combustion (Tony/Rhodey Slash, NC-17): Tony Stark always manages to keep Jim Rhodes off-balance.
Revived, Rebuilt, Reborn (Tony/Rhodey one-sided slash, PG-13): Everything Tony Stark has never been is now possible with a new beginning.
The Intersection Of Points R And T (Tony/Rhodey Slash, R) - A follow-on to Revived, Rebuilt, Reborn
The Relationship Of Fact To Fascination (Tony/Rhodey Slash, R) - Follow-on to the story above: How can Tony be sure of something he's never had before?

Die Hard 4:
Better Late Than Never (PG-13) - John and Matt (or John/Matt), in which being the strong, silent type has its shortcomings.

Amateurs Everywhere You Go (PG-13, Humor) SPN/Reaper Crossover: (S3) The Winchester boys run into the Work Bench crew on a mission.
Dancing To The Devil's Tune (PG) - 5000 words of snarky epi-fic, featuring most of the Reaper cast: Just another exciting day of being the Devil's little bounty-hunting puppet...

Always The Bartender, Never The Bride (Chuck/Casey Slash, PG-13) Early S1, is Casey jealous of Chuck or is it something more?

Haunted House (PG, Humor) - Exactly what the title says. ;)

Star Trek:
InQsitiveness (PG-13) (Picard/Q one-sided): Picard's Risa vacation keeps getting more interesting all the time.

Drabbles Memes, Stories I Never Wrote You:
Six Little Words: Arrested Development version - Stories in six words, some as random as the show itself.

Other Writing (Essays on Writing, etc.):
Wearing Different Hats As A Writer - Different situations call for different approaches to writing.
Punctuation And Sentence Construction
Narrative Point Of View - Discussions, problems and possible solutions.
The American School System - more of the "On Writing" installments, this is information for non-American fanfic writers.

That's 55 regular fics, 51 drabble sets!

My favorite story of this year: Wow, so hard to choose. By subgrouping, for SPN Gen, "This Bitter Road," and for SPN Slash, "As We Wind On Down The Road." For PB Gen, "Walking In Your Shoes," for PB Slash, "The Best Intentions." For Other, "The Relationship Of Fact To Fascination" (Iron Man, Tony/Rhodey, R)."
My favorite drabbles were "Life Moves Faithlessly Forward" (SPN Gen) and "All These Truths" (SPN Slash).

My best story this year: By subgrouping, these are the same as above except for "Turn At Last To Death's Ordinary Door" in SPN Gen, "Places To Rest" for SPN Gen Drabbles, "A Distant Mirage" for Prison Break Slash, and "Dancing to The Devil's Tune" (Reaper) for Other.

Story most underappreciated by the universe, in my opinion: For SPN Gen, it's definitely "Turn At Last To Death's Ordinary Door," my remix project. I put a lot of effort into it, and I think it's both a good remix and a good story, but only two people commented on it. Ouch! "Breaking Out," a Gen Prison Break story, got virtually no love last year, and not as many people read "The Relationship Of Fact To Fascination" (Iron Man, Tony/Rhodey, R) as did the earlier parts of that series. And despite writing Michael/Mahone (Prison Break Slash) for the first and last time ever, I really thought more people would comment on "A Distant Mirage."

Most beloved by readers: For SPN Gen, it has to be "This Wasn't Even Fun The First Time" (the Dean vs. Castiel story), and for SPN Slash I have no idea. For Prison Break Gen, it was "Walking In Your Shoes," and for Prison Break Slash it was "Beyond This Fading Existence"(an atmospheric pre-Escape Lincoln POV). For Other, it was of course the Jensen/Jared RPS ("Denial Only Gets You So Far"), but of the rest it looks like "Better Late Than Never" (Die Hard 4, John/Matt pre-Slash) was the favorite.

Most fun story: Humor and crack are always the most fun to write. For SPN Gen, the winner is "This Wasn't Even Fun The First Time Around," though there were three other long Crack stories this year. For SPN Slash, it was "This Ain't No Red-Heart Romance." For Prison Break Gen, "Pedal To The Metal." For Prison Break Slash, "A Place To Rest" (lovely mood, and not hard to finish for a change). And for Other, it's definitely "The Relationship Of Fact To Fascination" (Iron Man, Tony/Rhodey), because smex and snark and ill-behaved robots mixed together will never stop being funny.

Most sexy story: "Melting" for SPN Slash, and "Denial Only Gets You So Far" (Jensen/Jared RPS, NC-17) for Other.

Story with the single sexiest moment: Personally, I think it's Sam and Dean getting carried away in the parking lot in "The Harder They Fall" (SPN Slash). Whoo!

"Holy crap, that's wrong, even for you" story: "A Pig And No Poke" for SPN Gen, maybe? Of course, the idea wasn't mine, I just wrote to the win_non_con prompt!

Story that shifted my own perceptions of the characters: "Other Voices, Other Rooms" (SPN Gen) made me feel sympathy for the Wolf in "Bedtime Stories," and "Walking In Your Shoes" (Prison Break Gen) took me into a whole new area in Michael's past.

Hardest story to write: Definitely "Turn At Last To Death's Ordinary Door" for SPN Gen. It's got character deaths and a setting of major angst (all driven by the original), and there were a lot of characters I hadn't written before. Deciding how to attack that story, what parts to write, and which POVs to use was a real challenge, though I'm incredibly pleased with how it turned out. I wound up writing into areas I'd originally thought I couldn't, and writing characters like Bobby (at length) and Ellen that I'd never tackled before.

Easiest story to write: The drabbles (100 words!) and Prison Break humor pieces are still the easiest ones, though "Other Voices, Other Rooms" was easier than I expected, given that it's eight different Outside POV characters across four seasons of Supernatural. Outside POVs can be tough.

Biggest Disappointment: The aggravating number of Sam/Dean stories I started in 2008 that would not finish. I find Doomed!Dean (Season 3) and Disinterested!Sam and Hollow!Dean (Season 4) really hard to work with from a Wincest perspective, not to mention Castiel popping in and out. But mainly, the love between the brothers has been far less tangible in canon since the end of Season Two.

There's also an unfinished John/Matt Die Hard 4 story I started in April, where I've finished Chapter One (at 2500 words) and the whole thing doesn't want to move forward. Not giving up, though, or on the unfinished Sam/Dean stories!

Biggest Surprise: Actually being able to write a longer story with Dean vs. Bobby Goren (from L&O: CI) for SPN, and writing any Tony/Rhodey (Iron Man ) at all. That last part started with a story for the Fall Fandom Free-For-All, and it led to three others.

Most Unintentionally Telling Story: "Get Out Of My Mirror!" (Prison Break Gen) and "From The Treasury Of Least-Loved Fairytales" (SPN Gen Drabble) both show that I sometimes have a really evil and irreverent sense of humor. :0

Most Untelling Story: Nothing here.


Now I’d be interested to see what readers nominate for those categories, or any other comments they have. What do YOU think was the sexiest Sam/Dean or Michael/Lincoln story, or the single sexiest moment? What was the "most wrong even for you" thing I wrote last year? :)

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