The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

What I Wrote In January

I got a lot of mileage out of the pbhiatus_fic "sex" challenge last month. Two Michael/Lincoln slash stories, one Michael/Sucre (a first!) and one Lincoln/Veronica.

I also started AND finished a longer Sam/Dean story within the same week (a miracle these days), and started a couple of things that aren't done yet (boo). However, the Sam Gen story did just get posted Sunday night, so it almost made it into January. I'll post it both months, since it hasn't been read much.

That Iron Man Tony/Rhodey story had better be done by next month. *glares at it*

Supernatural Gen:
The Soldier's Other Son (PG-13, Drama) - Five times Sam disagreed with John, and one time he finally didn't.
Sideways Psychology (PG, Humor, All-Dialogue) - Birthday drabble for rosie_spleen, featuring Dean and yet another conversational fishing expedition…
Not Fade Away (PG, Drabble, Drama) (4x12 "Criss Angel" codette): A future should be more than everything just ending.

Supernatural Slash:
Holding Up The Sky (Hard R) - Birthday present for scarlett_o, eponin10, and fiery_fox2, set mid-S4: Sam shouldn't know what Dean tastes like.
A Weapon Against The Darkness (PG-13, Drama, Romance) S4 birthday drabble for realpestilence: This love still fuels the fight, when all else is lost.

Prison Break Gen/Other:
Slipping Away (Lincoln/Veronica, Het, PG-13) (pre-Series): It was the last time that hurt instead…

Prison Break Slash:
By Different Rules (Michael/Sucre, PG-13) - (S1) It has nothing to do with Maricruz…
Need Like Burning (Michael/Lincoln, PG-13) - Pre-Series "Icicle Palace" interlude: There's never enough time when it's like this…
In Quiet Dissolution (Michael/Lincoln, PG) - (pre-Series, pre-Slash) Lincoln is home again…

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