The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

And The Rain Comes Down

We're having another dry year where I live, but some decent rain the last few days (and perhaps for most of the next week). Since it's Day 3 of rain, I'm still feeling altruistic about it. Check back with me in a few more days. :0

Rain and working at home means biking in the garage, where I finished watching Apartment Zero (an old favorite) and started S3 of QAF. It's funny— thanks to DVDs, any difference in how the actors look is really noticable when you go from one season to the next. Melanie, Justin and Brian have longer bangs, Ben has shorter hair (boo), and Debbie lost some weight and looks really good (despite the clown hair. On "Burn Notice," Sharon Gless simply looks pretty). And darn if Ethan isn't totally my type.

This weekend is the last for local Girl Scout Cookie pre-orders. We've visited everyone we're going to, which I'm even more glad about considering the weather. In about 4 weeks, I'll be packaging them up like mad for delivery, but for now it's good to rest. :0

Now, some tidbits:
* Courtesy of a friend, a horrifying video on The Heart Attack Grill. The Hooters-style waitress-thing always offends me, and then there's the menu. Just disgusting to look at, and with so many of the customers being obese you have to wonder where their sense is.

* For Prison Break authors who have written Michael/Sara, this Chinese site has some intelligent opinions of several of the writers. Scroll down to see if you're in there! If you write Gen, like me, you don't exist. But if you've written a fair amount of M/S, you might be mentioned.

Tonight: we're two episodes behind on Eleventh Hour (waiting courtesy of DVR), and one behind on The Mentalist. But there's a Burn Notice DVD in the house too. Decisions, decisions...

And if any of you have ideas for me to write in SPN, please mention them! I hate being in this dry spell. I'm going to try some drabbles this weekend, but I need longer stories too. :(

Tags: humor, me, movies, tv
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