The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Not actually in hiding...

...though it might seem that way.

Mostly, I've been struggling to stay awake at night during the time I'm usually online or writing (I sure hope that passes). And after a Thursday night binge on chocolate chips, I had a minor freakout and decided that things had gotten so out-of-hand that I needed to eliminate sugar from my life again.

Friday morning, remembering a recommendation from witchofthedogs, I logged into I'd planned to just use their food-diary capabilities, but they also have support groups for various things. Not sure I'll be using the ones for Depression or even Losing Weight After Forty, but I found some on Hypoglycemia (my frickin' nemesis) and on Plantar Fasciitis. I've spent too much time over there lately, but once the shiny newness wears off I'll be less distracted.

We watched The United States Of Leland on DVD, which was interesting and sad and left me with all kinds of mixed feelings. Goodness gone wrong, even in an instant, can have such horrible results (the surface idea of the movie). Funny, I haven't actually watched a Ryan Gosling movie up until now, and so I didn't recognize him here (where he's so young, and kind of looks like Ryan Lochte but less pretty). Honestly, I probably rented this from Netflix because both Don Cheadle and Kevin Spacey were in it, and they were really good as well.

Tonight, we saw Defiance at the theater. Better than I expected (and I thought it would be good), and less head-splittingly agonizing than most Holocaust-tied movies. An amazing story all around, great performances. Who knew Daniel Craig and Liev Schreiber could pass as Russian-speaking? They barely pass as brothers, though-- none of the four brothers here look like they're related.

At Christopher's basketball game, we ran into two families from the kids' Jewish preschool. How I miss those days! One family's son was on the opposing team, and the other boy and his mother had come early for the following game. This one was a blowout (42-20), though Christopher's team lost last week's game (mainly on shots that came back out of the basket again and again). Lauren had this week off, so only one game.

Tomorrow the kids have dental checkups, and normally we'd do something afterward. But the "what" is limited in part by when I need to go bicycling (stupid limited daylight) and things we haven't done recently. Way back when, I used to take them to Burger King for the great outdoor playland. But they're too old now, and the playland was demolished. *nostalgic sniffle* Maybe roller-skating, unless they balk. :0

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