The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Happiness Is A Warm Kitten...

I'll probably get to do more than just trudge the cookie-selling route this weekend. Assuming we can get a babysitter, Emma Thompson (HalfshellHusband's weakness) has a new romantic comedy out, and we still haven't seen Benjamin Button. One of those, please!

Today, there was a little girl outside the Metro PCS store that is next to where my hairdresser now works. She was leaning over and I thought making goofy faces at someone inside, but then she straightened up and I saw that she had a sleek gray cat in her arms. She held it up and crowed at it, then showed it the inside of the store again. I stayed there for a while to watch, because she was cracking me up. The cat, probably a 7-8-month-old kitten, had a look on its face that was a cross between "Why?" and "Eh. Whatever..."

On today's unexpectedly smooth plane-landing in the Hudson River... way to be a hero, Mr. Pilot! Awesome! That guy did an amazing and clear-headed job of keeping everyone safe. Apparently, the FAA plans to crack open the black box tomorrow, even though they think a flock of birds was responsible for the crash. What can they honestly expect to get out of the flight recording? I can almost guess the exact contents:

Plane: whooshy-whoosh-whoosh-whoosh-*ploompf!*
Pilot: Wait, what? 'Ploompf'? WTF does that mean?
Plane: *leans* yowm-yowm-yowm-yowm—
Pilot: Crap, we've lost an engine!

Tonight's Supernatural: what, Dean's time in Hell wasn't bad enough already? Are we going to get new installments of the yet worse every few weeks, to further torture Dean (because the character obviously wasn't suffering enough already)? Also... where the F*** did that other underground guy come from? I kept waiting for an explanation, but I sure didn't hear one. When HSH asked me that same question, I knew it was a bad, bad sign.

Next week's Supernatural: Barry Bostwick chews scenery until the audience explodes in cracktasm! I should probably complain about wanting a 'deeper' episode, but I'm still stuck on cracktasm! \o/

Tags: humor, me, movies, tv
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