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Update on the Title Game: Stories I Never Wrote You

clex_monkie89 totally encouraged this. *Points fingers*.

My f-list really came through for me on providing titles for “Stories I Never Wrote You.” I got 26 37 titles, which produced everything from poetic lyricism to angst to crackFic! This also resulted in a poll of which of these to expand into longer stories. Three from the PB list and three from the SN list have now been created already.

It seemed like it would be nice to sum up what all the titles and stories were. And if you have more titles to add, please pile on! I could especially use some more of my Supernatural f-list fans offering inspiration, since most of these went the Prison Break route:

From lissa_bear:
Someone Else’s
Lincoln/Michael pre-slash, Michael's POV: There was every reason to want him and no possibility that it would ever happen. From the moment Michael was old enough to know all that his brother meant to him... Lincoln already and always belonged to someone else.
UPDATE: The completed story is now here.

Ho Ho The Pink Fluffy Unicorn
Sam/Dean, Slash: Its name was ridiculous, and it looked like something out of a Care Bears video. But its powers were stronger than a succubus, as Sam and Dean discovered during a trip to Iron Meadow. They woke up naked and satisfied, surrounded by a giant hoofprint heart. It seemed easier to claim hallucinations than to admit the truth.

The 5 Senses
Sam/Dean, Slash: A slow afternoon in a motel room leads to exploration. The sight of Sam leaning over the bed spurs Dean to drop his shaving kit. The sound of it hitting the floor turns Sam's head toward his brother's lustful eyes and open lips. The taste of Dean is more intoxicating than any picket fence future Sam ever dreamed of. The sound of his brother's moans fills Dean's ears and heart as he rides him to a climax that breaks them both. The smell of their mingled love surrounds them, filling in all the places where questions might creep in and give birth to doubt. Now they rest, lost to sensation and each other. The shock has been replaced by the feeling of souls reunited.
UPDATE: Full-length fic on the 5 Senses theme is here.

Maytag's POV: He was looking to not get killed when he came to Fox River. One useless cellmate later, he'd found what he needed. T-Bag was brutal and demanding, but he had hips like pistons and could guarantee protection. Maytag made it look like he was the one being used, but he knew he'd found someone strong enough to do the work for him. He'd been sponging off people all his life, and the art was in making the person think they wanted it.
UPDATE: Full-length fic (with new title) is here.

Clear Heels
Sara's POV: She wears Hush Puppies around the Infirmary and a lab coat that hides all her assets. But on weekends she dresses to be noticed, in slinky dresses and barely-there shoes. Being wanted gives her power she hardly knows how to handle. Still, choosing for herself marks every important decision she's ever made.

No Flag, No Country
LJ's POV: It started with his father going on Death Row for a murder he didn't commit. Manufactured evidence kept him there, while the killer went unpunished. When men in suits like Feds killed his mother in front of his eyes, something snapped inside him forever. He was raised in conflict, and cynical before his time, and he'd given up on Justice before turning eighteen.

Prison Break: The vote might have been secret, but the results were not in question. Scofield was new and kind of geeky, but those lips were made for sin and he had an ass that wouldn't quit.

These were thelana’s:
Michael’s POV: He had intelligence and a beauty known only to others. He had risen from hardship to the life he'd always wanted, before his past came back to haunt him in the form of the only person who truly mattered.

5 Fetishes Michael Does Not Have (I did these ones wrong— but oh well. Next time!)
1) Feathers are for birds and dusters
2) Spankings weren't even fun when he was five.
3) Feet are not for f**king.
4) Women's underwear belongs on women.
5) Put the damn handcuffs down.

And her Bollywood extravaganza, mostly in that hard first person and inspiring much flowery language:
Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam - I have already given my heart away
Michael's POV, Slash: Though your voice may tempt me and your eyes speak with the songs of a gentle heart, my love is not mine to bestow. It was his before I met you and was never meant for any other. The sweep of your beautiful hair cannot sway me, nor the delicate perfume of your smile. It was always too late for me to love you.
I have already given my heart away.

Aashiq Banaya Aapne - You Made Me A Lover
Lincoln's POV, slash: When I thought I knew love, I was unhappy. So many women were beautiful and satisfying, but nothing ever seemed to last. I found company but never fulfillment, and I used to think that was enough. When you changed me with your devotion, I saw that I was the part that needed changing. Sexual skills are not enough to be a lover. Having someone that you love makes all the difference.

Pyaar To Hona Hi Tha - Love will bloom
T-Bag's POV: Every game began with running or refusal; only the children were easy to catch. It was a good thing he appreciated the excitement of tracking his prey, for the challenge was as much a part of the thrill as the conquest. In the end, he almost always got his way. They were his, for all eternity, their love blooming out of their throats like the deepest, reddest rose.

Hum Aapke Dil Mein Rehte Hain - I reside in your heart
PrisonBreak, Lisa’s POV, Angst: Though you run, my lost little boy, you are never alone. I cannot touch you, cannot save you, but I am with you every step of this sad journey. My arms will never again hold you, but still I long to watch over your soul. I have no home in the ether, no place but in your memories. I am gone, yet I am with you. I reside forever in your heart.

From clex_monkie89:
Jimmy Crack Corn
T-Bag's POV, Slash: Visits to his grandmother's farm were the best parts of childhood he remembered. Theodore and his cousin Little Jimmy would get up to all kinds of trouble behind the henhouse where the voices of Hellfire and Damnation would never reach them.
UPDATE: alazysod wrote up the expanded version of this. It's here.

Coffee and T-Bag
Vignette: Desire is a dangerous thing, capable of sweeping through a man and taking him over. Standing between Theodore Bagwell and his morning coffee was tantamount to declaring that one was worn out and tired of living...

Of Nuclear Astrophysics and Magnetized Accretion Disks
PrisonBreak CrackFic: A giant asteroid is coming, and with it the power to erase all the data from Michael's careful files. Can he save his brother before his plans are destroyed? Or is body art the only real answer?

Fuzzy Bunny Lumpkins
Supernatural Gen, Adventure: They were harmless, or so everyone thought. But John Winchester's journal said otherwise. Can Sam and Dean save the town of Last Hope Arkansas from certain disaster?

1001 Ways To Piss Off A Death Row Inmate (Or: Five Ways T-Bag Didn't Almost Die)
1) Hunks of man-flesh are not always for biting, particularly if the man is much bigger than you and resistant to your charms.
2) Don't tease a wounded bear.
3) Never fondle the baby brother in front of the angry Convicted Murderer.
4) Hands off the merchandise.
5) The good shovel belongs to anyone whose neck muscles outweigh your legs.
Update: Completed story (Drama, not humor, it turns out) is now here

From sxeraven:
Dream a little dream...
Sam/Dean Wincest: In the world between the hours of night, whole stories are brought forth from the ether. Lives flow from birth to death, loves arise and are won and lost. In the time called Dreaming, Sam and Dean meet again and again. They are strangers, lovers, brothers or friends, but always they collide and conjoin as if Fate itself has claimed them.
UPDATE: Full-length fic-- more angsty, and mainly Gen, is here.

From alazysod:
Same In The End
Sam/Dean, Wincest: Sam's perfect love is gone and Dean's is just beginning. His brother didn't come back on his own, and he longs for any other life, but still he's here. They have their need and they have each other, and even if it's not a romance written for the ages it's still the two of them. Sam is Dean's now, body and soul, and does it matter how they finally came full circle?

From lampshade_days:
Beyond the Rubicon
Lincoln/Michael, Slash: It was risky, and once offered it could never be recalled. These thoughts filled Michael's head as his hands unbuckled Lincoln's belt and slipped toward the dark destiny below.

Never, Never, Maybe
Bellick's POV, Gen: It started with a dress shirt, and before long it was a suit. It was everything he was not, and had always said he'd never be. But by the time he found himself in a tuxedo, the truth could not be denied: he had fallen under the spell of Competitive Ballroom Dancing.

From fiddleyoumust:
Titties and Tater Tots
Supernatural, Gen: They'd run into poltergeists before, and the mess could be impressive. But nothing prepared them for the clothes hanging from the light fixtures and bits of food flying around the diner as the ghost of Merle the Cook took revenge on the coworkers that had mocked him.

Gloria Estefan
T-Bag's POV: She was a dancer or some such, he knew that already. And she made a nice little package in her sweet, silver clothes. But famous or not, he could get to her if he wanted. As soon as he got sprung from this concrete fortress he'd be looking up some new distractions, and she was high on his list right now.

One Boy's Magical Journey Through Time
Supernatural, Sam's POV: From the cradle to the grave, fire would follow the ones he loved. With his powers developing, Sam experiments with a dangerous solution to his problem. Traveling through the spirit world via astral projection, he journeys to his beginnings, armed with spellbooks and telekinesis and runes. He will combat the evil in the Nursery before it destroys his future again.

When Godzilla Attacks (Two choices)
Prison Break, Crackfic: As if riots and protesters weren't bad enough, Fox River has a new problem on its hands. Attracted by the power surges caused by testing out The Chair, a giant lizard with an appetite for destruction comes knocking down the door...


Prison Break, Michael's POV: The food line was bad enough, and the stampede to the Yard was a daily threat he struggled to survive. But the riots happened weekly, and he could barely get away. If Thorvald got close enough, Michael would stumble to his doom under the crush of those gargantuan feet.'
UPDATE: Full-length Fic (the Lizard one) is now here.

From cocombat (*Waves* Welcome!):
Nimrod's Son
Supernatural, Dean's POV, Gen: He was a hunter like his father before him, cleaving a path between Evil and Good. He abided by his father's laws, those edicts for protecting the Innocent and damning the Destroyers. The mythology behind his motives was large and complex, a Tower of Babel built on Demons and Spirits and Revenge. He was brave and strong, every bit his father's son. If that tower ever crumbled, it would crush him in its fall.

Late titles from mooyoo (these were hard!):
Prison Break Gen, Michael’s POV: His career and his status are thrown to the winds with this last-ditch effort to save his brother. Everything he built himself up to be has been packed away, to be pulled up later or even heedlessly discarded depending upon how it all works out. A scholar is replaced by a criminal, a good man traded for a gun-toting robber—and it is perfect, it is just as he planned. He will gladly erase all traces of respectability for a chance to save his brother’s life.

Never Make Fun of Women's Hair, Clothes, or Menstrual Cycles
Prison Break, Michael/Sara: He’d noticed her hair was different—a little tangled and messy—but the glare stopped any further comments on that subject. Her shoes were nearly slippers, a sure sign of a bad day, and she yanked them under the stool as soon as she saw him staring. When he asked if she was feeling all right, perhaps a little on edge just this week, the sharp jab of the needle in his arm pierced his muscle and any need to utter another word.

Supernatural, Dean’s POV: This is what he looks like to Sam: Invincible and Imperturbable. He is strong, confident, carelessly sarcastic. There is nothing that can daunt him—nothing that leaves its mark.
Inside, he is nowhere near unbreakable. His brother no longer needs him, and his father couldn’t stand to stay. He is one thin thread away from collapsing from his heartbreak, but he has work to do and their mission never ends. Sam may mock him, but Dean knows he still expects him to soldier on.
UPDATE: Full-length story is now here.

Don't Try That With an Ordinary Spring Mattress
Prison Break, Lincoln/Michael crackSlash, Post-Escape: They’d tried the sofa and the porch, and done the shower, table and rug. Doggy-style while bouncing on the bed seemed like a great idea, until a spring bit Michael in the kneecap and he bucked Lincoln up off the bed.

Supernatural, Gen: Behind the hotel, Sam finds his brother. He has an assembly of little snowmen poised on the rail of a fence. “Those are cute,” Sam says, but then Dean pulls out a makeshift slingshot. One after another the tiny, frozen soldiers explode. “Duuude,” Sam says mournfully, but Dean just laughs.

Angry Killer Cats
Prison Break, Westmoreland’s POV: She was the gentlest of creatures, as soft inside as out. She was complacent and loving, his sweet little tabby, and he misses her every day. He dreams of her in his empty bunk, and one night she does him proud. Growing to ten times her size, a massive blockade of fur and fangs, she hunts Bellick down like the rat he is and toys with him before tearing him to shreds.

I Know Gauguin
Supernatural, Sam’s POV: Those bright, island visions with their happy island people are a fantasy Sam has seen in Art Appreciation. The rich colors, the reds that are not blood and the oranges that are not fire, filled his eyes as he pored over the paintings. That is a life he would like to visit—even a life he would like to have. But there is no escaping to another country when the evil can track him anywhere.

Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance
Supernatural, Dean’s POV: Sam was gone, and he didn’t need him. He was a man with his own life and an unending job that mattered. If his brother didn’t care enough to stick around, to keep the family together, that was his own problem. After two years he tried a brief visit, but Sam seemed almost too busy to talk to him. “Don’t you miss us?” he asked, hoping for a crumb. The averted eyes shattered his heart. He drove off, leaving the shards for Sam to dispose of, and returned to the man who dictated his existence. It was not the same after that, never again, but even a robot can carry out his mission.

I Don't Believe in Ghosts
Prison Break, Lincoln’s POV: There is a chill in the North corner of his cell that comes and goes like a draft. He avoids it at night, planning his bathroom needs around when the lights are on. It is probably a leak in the wall, that’s his logic, and when he feels a presence behind him he starts to talk. The other inmates yell at him to be quiet, but he mutters on until he feels alone again. It’s nothing really, and he never discusses it. But he watches his liquids at dinner all the same.

Springtime for T-Bag
Prison Break, CrackFic: It was dull as a backwater swamp in Fox River these last months, and some excitement was clearly in order. He’d tried shivving and shanking, and a little group-party loving on some fresh Fishes, but it just wasn’t bringing satisfaction. Blood was not the only color, and sex was not the only thrill. Something life-affirming could turn this wet April around, and he had just the idea. He would mount a musical, a can-can review, and he would play all the parts in quick-change succession!

From la_folle_allure who is lost in visions of Wentworth/Jensen:
Hard Time (PB/SN Crossover)
PrisonBreak/Supernatural Crossover, Slash: In a bar near the Texas border, two sets of brothers meet. "You two seem to be running," Dean says, and sees the exchange of uneasy glances. "We were in way over our heads," the slender one replies, as his brother squeezes his shoulders. "Demons?" Dean asks-- just as Sam elbows him and gives him a Look. "No-- government conspiracy," says the one named Lincoln in a slighly bewildered tone. Dean shrugs. "Not our thing," and he buys them a drink out of sympathy. Later, he challenges Michael to a game of pool, and before long they slip out into the alley behind a dumpster. Intensity meets tenacity up against the immoveable brick of the wall, and a whole journey begins and ends in a flurry of mouths and moans as they give themselves over to the heat and the danger and the watching light of the moon.
UPDATE: Expanded story, Sympathetic Tango, is now here

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  • Idol Survivor: "In The Garden"

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