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Reminder: nominations for the current round of the Prison Break Slash Awards close on Jan. 7, so get yours in now! You don't have to nominate for all categories-- just the ones that work for you. Hope to see you there!

Still cleaning up after Christmas. I forgot to mention that the big morning began with the discovery that ants had found Santa's cookies & milk, so we spent some *flail* time dealing with that. I hate living on the anthill that is Sacramento, seriously. We must have well over 100 colonies on our 1/3 acre. :(

I've caught up on my Yuletide offerings, and what a surprise to find additional treats! I clearly don't understand how Yuletide works, or that (in a less overloaded year) I might have had a chance to write random treats for people just because, since the word-limit goes out the window for those. Actually, I'd be more prepared to write them now, with the holiday obligations taken care of. For my treats, I got:

Gift That Keeps Giving, an Iron Man Tony and Rhodey friendship story set at Christmas time. Shows very much the differences in how Tony & Rhodey think.

Desert Winds, a short Iron Man Tony and Rhodey friendship piece with a twinge of angst and the emotion that makes this pair so wonderful. What a punch!

Nearly Indestructible, a fascinating AU on Matt and John from Die Hard 4. Talk about unexpected twists!

Only a little slashy in one of them, but I know how that goes. Some people don't write the slash, and others can't slash the particular pairing (i.e., the Yuletide story that I wrote).

I also really recommend One Minute, Counting for Pushing Daisies. It's Emerson's POV (so snarky and perfect), and the story structure/setup is terrific. I really loved this one.

Watched a Steven Colbert "best of" DVD courtesy of Netflix, and I love the weird that is his show. Stephanie Colburtle the Turtle! Steven Jr. the Eagle! The Colber Repor and the Spor Repor, as he calls them. But the best were the Green Screen competitions, with George Lucas losing to a regular fan, and the Colbert vs. Sean Penn "Meta-free-phor-all" competition. And Jane Fonda flirting with him so outrageously that she basically screwed his interview over before he got the chance to do the same to her. On the one hand, there are the interviewees that don't understand that his show is satire, and on the other there are those like Jane that arrive loaded for bear. \o/

I'm halfway through S2 of Queer As Folk. I love the Pickle King (can't help myself), and darn if Ben isn't incredibly handsome. Still don't like the whole Brian/Justin storyline, though, and I hear I'm out of luck on the chance of it going away. :(

Rewatched some holiday favorites, i.e., The Grinch (original), The Family Man, and While You Were Sleeping. I'd hoped to watch them earlier, while wrapping gifts, but that didn't work out.

New Years Plans, anyone? I never have them. :0

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