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Pimpage and other news

The lovely haloisbent has decided to open up another round of the Prison Break Slash Awards. Nominations run through Dec. 31, and all the information can be found here. Please stop by!

On other fannish fronts, I'm a week behind on Chuck, meaning that I just saw the Casey's Vendetta episode. I am SO pleased to discover that Casey's voice mail message includes his growl, and was both thrilled and horrified at his ability to emotionally manipulate Chuck (a little peeved that Casey doesn't get that it's because Chuck is awesomely sweet rather than horrifically lame). Small note to self: *must not let slash brain be affected by canon* I have a question for other viewers, though. IF the character were not named "Lester" and we weren't repeatedly told that he's a nerd, would you ever have assumed that? Because I personally think the actor looks like an East Indian version of Johnny Depp, which is to say that he's pretty darn attractive.

Moving on! House, M.D. is new (again). Half of my favorite shows have been on hiatus for a couple of weeks, and others are still showing new episodes. This, and the destraction of finally finishing The Simpsons' Treehouse of Horrors movie, is how I missed seeing Desperate Housewives. But I'm pretty "meh" on it this season, so I'm wondering if I'll even bother to torrent that ep.

We watched The Nightmare Before Christmas on Sunday (probably the last people on the planet to see it). The animation isn't "pretty" necessarily, but the content is very rich and it seemed like I was missing half the details even while watching it. I also wasn't expecting a musical, but I actually liked the songs. And I so love the little ghost-dog Zero, with his wavy-sheet ears!

Other news: all but one set of the indoor profile lights are up now, but we haven't done the indoor Christmas decorations yet. Hope to finish that Saturday at the latest, possibly in bits and pieces along the way. The kids want the 3D cloth advent calendar up pronto! I may dig it out tonight, in between commercial breaks. Won't get the Xmas village up yet, though.

Cycling: I went yesterday, in the miserable 43o cold. Great temperature for running Sunday night, lousy for biking. I dug up the evil polypropylene balaclava I'd tried only once before, and cut out a mouthhole (ARE there actually people who can exercise intensely and get enough air through their noses? Honestly). But while riding, I discovered that it really pushed on my nose, and even though my nose isn't very functional I really notice when I can't breathe through it at all. :( Rolled the nose-part down to my chin, and finished the ride that way. Looking like a dork, I'm sure. :0 Although if I go the "bandit mask" route with a handkerchief in the future, that will look even stupider.

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