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Got back a little late from the Cal/UofW game. Quite the blowout, with a 48-7 win for Cal (very hard season for the Huskies). The kids had a great time, and I must say, Javhid Best (video here) is an incredible running back. And only a sophomore! My favorite play of the game was a run where he stopped, the would-be tackling player stopped, and then Best ducked around him and kept going for another 6-8 yards. \o/

HSH and I tried to watch more of The Simpsons' Treehouse Of Horrors, which is fantastic even though we keep nodding off. I finally snoozed on the sofa until about 10pm, trying to wake up enough to do some writing. I'm more awake, but the muse is foggy. :( However, Haywire was on Cold Case...

Ever suddenly feel like your shoes are too tight, right now? I took the left one off an hour ago because of that, and it's hit me in the car a couple of times (tennis shoes, where the laces are cutting across the arch). What is THAT all about?

And randomly: chia pets still creep me out. Not in the abstract, but watching the process via TV commercial? Ewwwww. Something about spreading the seeds on the outside and watching them sprout is just icky. Makes me think of that Mrs. Piggle Wiggle book where she cures a girl's dirtiness by planting radish seeds on the girl's skin. A crop forms. Yick!

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