The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The Weekend cometh...

We got our remaining outside Xmas lights up on Wednesday (except for the four colored stars, where the strand is half-dead). HSH brought my snowman heads back to life, and the train lights still work-- the specialized/profile lights are the ones I really care about. Anything on strings can be easily replaced (though I'm peeved that I have two strands of purple that are 50% dead). Once half the strand dies, though, that seems to be it. No amount of fuse- or bulb-changing will fix it. *grumps*

Over the weekend, I'll get up my inside profile lights. All of these are on individual timers, and they go in most available street-facing windows. We've got bunches! Hope none of them died up in the storage closet this past year. :0

Tomorrow we'll drive to Berkeley for Cal vs. the U of Washington. Might be sunny, but definitely not rainy. I suspect we'll be back too late for a date, though, which is a bummer-- both Milk and Australia are out, and I'm dying to see them both!

I finished The Time Traveler's Wife this morning. Had to find an opportune last 20 minutes in case it was very sad, so I wouldn't have to explain red eyes to anyone or be kept up at bedtime with a stuffy nose. Amazing book, told in isolated moments that add up to a larger whole. The time-traveling Henry visits the past, the future, former and past selves, and his future wife Clare, all of it unplanned and uncontrolled. Somehow both of their lives unfold toward what they were always going to be-- even the parts they wish they could change. Absolutely fascinating, and even though the characters are far from perfect I found it a really gripping read. Much more lucid than you'd expect, despite the shifts in time.

Must work on Yuletide story this weekend (WHY did I ever fear not hitting 1000 words on it? It's at nearly 1700 already, and the end is nowhere in sight). Also, must make valiant effort to force any of my in-progress Sam/Dean stories to finish. Argh! In between the Christmas shopping, of course. *groans*

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