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03 December 2008 @ 12:56 pm
What I wrote in November  
I did a lot of writing this month, thanks to a bunch of birthdays and the mini_wrimo challenge. Lots of progress on fics, though many are unfinished (and therefore invisible to you!), but this happens every year. I'm creeping through my Yuletide story, I got one of the Sweet Charity fics done, and Tony Stark had a very busy month at my hands. ;0

Supernatural Gen:
Places To Rest (PG) - My Sweet Charity story for tsuki_no_bara, this is a series of ten drabbles over the lifetime of Sam and Dean.
Loyalty (PG) - Post-2x01 "IMToD" Bobby drabble for tsuki_no_bara's birthday.
Next Time, Knock (PG) - Sam, Dean, and an unwanted visitor appear in this humorous drabble for jellicle.
Other Voices, Other Rooms (PG) - Eight outside POV drabbles across all four seasons.
Accidents Happen (PG) - For fiddleyoumust's birthday: Sometimes Dean needs comforting too.
Living Dangerously (PG) - For wenchpixie's birthday: post-4x06 'Yellow Fever', Dean decides that maybe five albums isn't actually enough.

Supernatural Slash:
The Waiting Is Everything (PG-13) - Wincest drabble for tyrical's birthday: Sam made him put this blindfold on...
On The Sidelines (PG-13) Wincest drabble on "Election" for gretazreta's birthday. What? It's totally possible!

Prison Break Slash:
In The Secret Summer Shade (R) Michael/Lincoln PWP smut in the "Paradise" universe for pamalax's birthday.

Iron Man fandom: The Relationship Of Fact To Fascination (Tony/Rhodey, R) - Follow-on to the story below: How can Tony be sure of something he's never had before?
Iron Man fandom: The Intersection Of Points R And T (Tony/Rhodey, R) - A follow-on to Revived, Rebuilt, Reborn in an ongoing series.
Chuck fandom:
Always The Bartender, Never The Bride (Chuck/Casey, PG-13) Early S1, is Casey jealous of Chuck or is it something more?