The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

The kids are back from visiting their aunt in the Bay Area. It was a nice break for my husband and me-- we had some dating time, some quality alone time, and some rifling through the kids' toys and reorganizing the storeroom time. ;)

We'd planned to go to an Antique mall on Saturday, which turned out to be closed (I'd know that if I'd tried to go in the last 3 years). So we drove up to Folsom, for more antiquing and a chance to see what was at the Christmas shop. I found a couple of cute penguin ornaments at an antique shop, and nearly bought the hardbound Thomas The Tank Engine Treasury for our new nephew (but waffled over how well he'd understand the stories-- he's still learning English).

The biggest source of entertainment for HalfshellHusband was a sizeable New Age store, with someone doing a Tarot reading by a back wall (HSH wanted to eavesdrop on it) and a palm reading elsewhere. The titles on display at the bookshelf also amused him greatly. The store was really well laid out-- different display sections for East Indian, Chinese, Native American, and fairy-themed stuff, plus color-based candles/glass in different areas for blue, green, red, etc. There was a stuffed-toy area (with winged pigs!) and an extensive clothing area. HSH found the place woo-woo-tastic. I can see its appeal to some, but more for dabblers or beginners I think rather than afficionados-- the presentation was gorgeous but also glossy and rather commercialized.

At another antique store, I spotted a "Little Black Sambo" board game going for $350. This was puzzling-- the Sambo was an African boy, but I remember going to the restaurant as a child, and Sambo was East Indian (with a turban and turned-up shoes). I got to talking with one of the vendors at the store, and she said the original Sambo's still exists in Southern California, and also features an East-Indian Sambo. The murals/menus had such vivid pictures, with the adorable Sambo encountering one hungry tiger after another and distracting them by giving away his beloved shoes and other possessions until he finally tricks them into chasing each other around a tree faster and faster until they turn into tiger butter. Mmmmm....

Saturday night we watched Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang. Both of us enjoyed it quite a bit-- it's quirky and unusual, with Robert Downey Jr. as the star and narrator, and the narration sometimes stops and backs up for forgotten events. Weird but oddly charming, definitely offbeat.

Oh, and I forgot to mention this last week: I caught one of Craig Ferguson's shows where the bizarre kept compounding itself over the course of the first 15 minutes until I was laughing myself sick. I dug up the video of the monologue recap extravaganza on YouTube here, and then also stumbled across a two-part interview from awhile back with Hugh Laurie: Part One and Part Two. Hope you enjoy them!

ETA: It's almost midnight, and I can hear this thrashing and banging around upstairs. Guess that answers the question of whether Christopher still 'rolls' himself to sleep. Going on 8 years of this... I keep thinking he'll grow out of it. But when?

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