The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Happy Birthday, plutogirl10 and ruat_caelum!

I'm a day late in offering birthday wishes to plutogirl10-- sorry about that. We miss you here at LJ, though we all understand how it goes when you're drowning in a major RL pursuit. Best wishes for continued success!

Today actually IS lampshade_days's birthday. Kim, I hope your day is full of baby hugs and kisses and a sense of happiness and accomplishment for where life is right now. May the coming year offer wonderful things for you and your family.

If either of you ladies would like a drabble, please leave me some prompts in the comments below!


It was a gorgeous weekend here-- temps in the upper 70s, nice and sunny. We finished off Christopher's soccer season on Saturday (another win-- they really bloomed late this year), and HalfshellHusband and I got out for a long-overdue date and saw The Secret Life Of Bees. Wonderful cast and performances. Dakota Fanning is really blooming as a young actress.

Sunday we went to Apple Hill again (last time this year). A few places were closed, and our vague search for the red barn with the donut factory didn't pan out (I've come across it twice accidentally, but it's been awhile). However, we did get caramel apples and apple-donuts elsewhere, and I got a few bites of Christopher's blackberry pie. ;)

Then we came home and watched My Bodyguard as our family movie. It's been ages since I've seen that, though I must have seen it more than once because I remember virtually all the lines and inflection for the sidekick shrimp of a kid who sits next to the bullied kid, Clifford. Adam Baldwin was so young there (and so huge compared to the other kids), and that was his debut movie. A really impressive performance, though. I'd forgotten what Matt Dillon looked like way-back-when, and Martin Mull was so young! Plus, poor Joan Cusack-- she had a very long awkward stage as a teenager. Funny that Christopher Makepeace's career never went much of anywhere after that movie, but a lot of the actors doing secondary characters had more staying power.

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