The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors (halfshellvenus) wrote,
The Coalition For Disturbing Metaphors

Late night Thursday...

Boy, I knew people would be squeeing over the SPN episode, and I wish I felt the same. Sera Gamble's obsession over Jared was definitely on display, and if you're a big Sam girl then this was the episode for you. Most everyone loves this ep but me, I can tell already!

Up late trying to get some writing done but being distracted by J2 fic and by stuff on TV. Life On Mars detoured through that "people talking into your coma" territory that I find so interesting (plus there's my unnatural inability to resist Harvey Keitel).

I thought I was home free after it was over, but (!!!) Bruce Willis is on Letterman doing pure crack in pretty much every possible direction. The High School Musical 3 "excerpt" was the pinnacle of an utterly weird guest appearance that began with a Sarah Palin wig and glasses. Oh, Bruce, how do you crack me up like this? And what the heck were you smoking all day?

ETA: Craig Ferguson. I should just turn the TV off, and force myself into the Tony/Rhodey mode (the muse is being coy).

ETA2: Anthony LaPaglia as Daphne's blowhard mooching brother on Frasier. *sigh*

Tags: tv
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