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13 November 2008 @ 11:23 am
Happy Birthday, zsuness!  
It's zsuness' birthday today, and I hope you're having a good time celebrating it! May the coming year bring you all that you could wish for. :)

Found a fantastic Keith Olbermann vid-essay on Prop 8, courtesy of my f-list. You'd think the "No On Prop 8" folks might have thought to trot out the fact that slaves were not allowed to marry, wouldn't you? Considering how many African-Americans voted for Prop 8, that would have been a point well worth making.

Finally got the mammogram done yesterday. Not too painful (except for the hard plastic gouging into various ribs).

Cycling: I carried a ladybug hitchhiker (or maybe 2 different ones) for 6-8 miles yesterday. Biddle-biddle-biddle! Sadly, it did not make it home with me-- it flew away when I slowed to make a U-turn. :(

Annnnd, for all of you incredibly lucky people going to Creation Con, have a great time! I hope Jared and Jensen are there to make your bliss complete!